Aug 26, 2016

On selling and staying.

Shortly after I made our homeschool plan for this fall, we sold our house.

Of course, homeschooling will still be happening, but I thought it amusing that just as I was feeling that everything was organized and manageable, this big change happened!

Some of you know that for the past year we've been praying and planning toward moving to another city. We finally listed in the spring, feeling that God was leading through particular circumstances. To cut short the story, some difficult things happened that finally led to our decision to stay where we are for the time being.

The other day I talked with a friend and we realized we're in similar circumstances, although the details are different - this place of thinking that God was leading the way to something new and exciting, that life would look like taking risks and moving into new territory. But instead, His loving hands of guidance seem to be saying stay here, I have things for you in the common and known.

I've feared, the last couple months as we considered staying, that we were simply doubting, perhaps missing His voice, shrinking back when we should be pressing forward, no matter the difficulty. I would weigh out others opinions on the situation and analyze what I was reading in the Word and think about it at night when I couldn't sleep. Here, or there, Lord? (I overthink things, are you in that club? It's a blessing and a curse!)

But in the end we made our decision, planned to take the house off the market at the end of August, ended up selling the house the week after, second-guessed our decision to stay in town, decided with prayer that we should still stay, and bought a house several blocks away.

Well, it has been a plethora of emotions kind of summer, but here we are. I'm holding on to the goodness of God and knowing that He is Sovereign (experience showing me again that "doctrine" is not just theoretical print on paper, but truths that deeply affect life).

God has seen our hearts and circumstances, He's heard our requests. I'm not sure why particular things have transpired the way they have, the purpose of the plans that we've put away - but I know He does, and it's enough.


  1. I made it into your blog!! Praying for you and the fam as you settle in to your new home in the "common and known". Isn't it great to know that God is in control and that we don't have to worry about things. Now, I just have to remind my brain of that some days. <3

    1. Thanks friend! Glad to know He's in control, and to have others that understand :)