Aug 1, 2016

August at a Glance

Despite neglect, the garden is handing us armloads of zucchinis. The geraniums and petunias cannot claim the same health - I somehow can't keep up with watering and there they are in the pots and hanging basket on the deck, dry and limping and giving me the evil eye when I pass by. It's the heat, I tell them, I'm certain I just watered you...the other night?

Oh well. It's at this point in the summer that I'm eager to see fall approaching, ready with a welcoming wave and excited to pull out the sweaters and autumn-themed candles.

On the other hand, I'm glad it's only August since we have some fun things coming up: first, Isaiah will turn one year old on the 16th. How did that happen, sneaky little man! I will cry about it later. He is the sweetest baby and brings such joy to our lives. It just occurred to me that he'll be the first of our children to celebrate his first birthday without a sibling-in-the-making coming up behind him. The spotlight is all yours, Beaderton! (Nevermind.)

Pictures from a couple months ago: we round them up before bed for teeth-brushing and diapering and they often end up in a heap like this, obviously having very important conversations.

We had our fifth wedding anniversary on July 23rd but will be going away for a night (or two, depending on how I the kids do) at the middle of this month to celebrate. I am excited to wander about a lovely old city, enjoy some little cafes and fine dining, and most of all to have some quiet and time alone with my husband!

One more thing for August - I'm gathering books and some curriculum and fine-tuning our plan for "school" this fall. Joshua will be Jr. Kindergarten age, so our plan to homeschool is feeling more official. I'm looking forward to sharing some thoughts on education (at this age), what I'm planning on including in our schedule, and some curriculum choices. Stay tuned!

I hope you're enjoying the last of the summer!

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