Nov 19, 2015

Five Years Ago.

Today marks five years since Loris and I started dating (Actually, it might have been the 20th, but I think I wrote it down wrong in my journal initially so the 19th is always what we remember).

That November was much like this one has been - bare and brown, no snow settled on the ground yet and a warmth and sun that felt like it should have belonged to September.

One of our first pictures together.
My family was hosting the end-of-year potluck for a ministry and Loris was staying for the weekend to spend some time with all of us.

I remember the two of us going for a walk in the unseasonably warm sunshine that afternoon - down the road and along the highway that ran by the river. We found a place to sit down on the rocks facing the water, and Loris took out his pocket bible and we read together.

My heart was singing with happiness and nervousness at this new and unknown adventure I was moving into. I watched Loris' face as he read to me and thought what a good man he was because (besides other things) I saw the person within that most of all wanted Christ in this life, much more than he wanted me (which was alot).

That's the kind of man that makes the best kind of husband, I suspected.

And today, five years later, I know it to be true.

 (I probably didn't notice my brother acting weird in the background
because, handsome boyfriend!)


  1. Awww. Ours was 5 years ago in August. I find it so hard to keep track of special dates nowadays. We used to celebrate our wedding date every month! The funny thing is that if I ever want to recall something, the best source is my email correspondence with my sister! :)

  2. I remember following along from a distance as you announced you were dating, then engaged, then married. God is gracious!

  3. It's a good thing that crazy brother cleaned himself up within a years time ;)