Oct 19, 2015

Back to it.

Day one of my husband being back at work after eight weeks of parental leave and I'm on my own with our three munchkins. Right now it's afternoon nap/quiet time and except for hammering sounds coming from down the hallway (a plastic hammer) all is quiet.

In Canada we have quite a generous maternity leave, and as I'm home with the kids anyway Loris was able to use some of the parental leave available instead. I've loved having him home - I know I could  have handled a newborn, one year old and two year old if I had to, but having my husband home to help made things a lot less crazy! I'm thankful to have had lots of early days snuggling our new baby and adjusting to our new family size with backup in place. And it's been lovely seeing Joshua and Miriam bond with their daddy in new ways as they've had so much time together.

But, here we are again, back to the norm and today has gone quite well. Isaiah is very kind to his mommy in being a pretty great sleeper and finding his own way into a routine over the last few days! My experience with early parenthood with our first was nothing like this so I'm kind of shocked at how easy-going he is! Every child is so different.

I'm looking forward to creating a loose routine that will work for all of us on our days at home. There is lots of noise and mess and little behaviors and attitudes that need discipline (consistency is the tough lesson I am trying to learn) but when I step back I love the blank canvas that is life at home with little children.

Perhaps I'll find the time to document more of it here!


  1. Awww! Parental leave is over! :( It is such a blessing that we have that here in Canada!! I hope your day wasn't just 'beginners' luck...if you know what I mean! hahahah!! Nah, I'm sure it will continue to go well!! I'm happy for you that Isaiah is an easy/content baby!! Yes, consistency is super important, I used to be better at it but these last two I'm not as on top of things as I was with the first, both Dave and I - so we are working on that too! I'll pray for all of us! ;) :)

  2. Glad you're enjoying your days with the littles. Make sure you rest too. :)

  3. Glad the transition is going smoothly. Daddy will miss them as much as they will miss him. And there will be some conductors looking for Joshua's eager little face. Love you.

  4. I like this idea, "the blank canvas that is life at home with little children." Really, there's so much you can do and decide and direct them into when they're all little and all at home with you! Enjoy these days! You are doing important work in training them for God's Kingdom!!