Aug 27, 2015

He arrived!

Isaiah - "salvation is of the Lord"
Jude - "praise"

On August 16th at 1:33pm we welcomed our second little boy, Isaiah Jude. My biggest baby yet, weighing in at 8lbs, 14 oz.

Everything about his birth and our first week together just seems rich in grace, a beautiful gift from our Father.

I was worried about sleep deprivation and how busy it would be in the house with three little ones (until November all two and under) and wondering how I would feel physically and emotionally afterwards. Of course, we are not yet two weeks in but so far I've just felt full of thankfulness, deeply enjoying every moment with this new little person. (Even his frequent nighttime feedings have not felt difficult, really.)

Loris has been off work since the birth and doesn't have to go back for a couple months so of course his help is what has helped make this feel like such an easy adjustment. (Reality might set in later!)

But for now I'm enjoying these very sweet days, so aware that they are gifts, that this baby entrusted to us is a gift of the best kind. His newness reminds me afresh that these children are my ministry, the call to raise them for Him one I hope to do well.


  1. Such a cute and chubby little munchkin. I think there must be some sort of adrenaline that kicks in for those newborn nights. I feel like a zombie now when I get woken up just 1-2 times a night, even with no more breastfeeding. Wishing you healing and strength!

  2. Precious boy. As I told you, people tell me the best thing about grandchildren is that you can send them home, but when I hold them I want to keep them and never give them back, especially when they smell of newness and they are so snuggly. Blessings on little Isaiah!

  3. I'm glad you are enjoying these baby days! Nothing like holding your long awaited, in the flesh, miracles!! :D

  4. :) :D :) :D So happy for you. Enjoy your little one.