Jun 15, 2015


Wanting to do a couple little trips before baby arrives in August, we took advantage of the lovely weather this past weekend and crossed the border to visit a wildlife zoo in New York state.

Blue sky and lazy early summer landscapes made for a perfect hour or so drive, plus it always feels like a bit of a vacation when the kids are trapped - I mean strapped - in their carseats and we can talk and just enjoy a bit of quiet time together...or at least time spent not having to supervise or be a human jungle gym.

Growing up, my family went on lots of daytrips like this in the summer and I have many fun memories of the whole crew of us (at some points nine people) stuffed into the family van and heading with excitement to this place or that. Nothing elaborate or too expensive, but breaking out of the norm to see new places, even if only for a day, seemed special.

We're at the beginning of this building memories as a family thing, and I love the possibilities, love watching our little ones have fun.

And could these two be any cuter? I love being their mom.


  1. Missed this blog post. Cute. Looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  2. HEY! I didn't see this either! So you did make it to the zoo!! I kept meaning to ask!! Was it very good? I liked the trapped..err strapped in the car seats part, lol!!!