Jun 10, 2015

Learning and growing...and growing.

I feel like God has been teaching me and revealing many things in my heart these last months. There is so much I want to learn and understand and I feel well my finiteness. I grow impatient with limitations but I'm reminded to rest in Him, to find my joy in Him amidst this imperfect world.

I've thought about posting through some of what I've been learning - spiritual lessons and ponderings, but somehow the words don't come easily these days. Perhaps because for now, these lessons are for me and I need to think and study more deeply, not search for the right words to share them.

Blogging right now might be more pictures and mom stuff and daily happenings, even with other things flowing beneath the surface, but I think I'm okay with that.

Someone asked for a belly shot, so here I am in all my tired and awkward glory, taken last week:

We're getting closer! I think I am getting pretty anxious to have this baby, even with the busyness of two other little ones. One part I can't wait to see him and snuggle him! And one part I feel so big and clumsy and look forward to not feeling that way!

Some evenings after supper look like this: Joshua just wants to sit and "feel brother kick" and Miriam can't be left out so she comes scooting over and screams to be in on the fun. Another tidbit of information: Joshua has decided to name the little brother Peanut Butter.


  1. I like that last picture! :) And I think Peanut Butter is a FANTASTIC name!!! ;) HAhhahah!!

    I can sympathize about the words not coming when you are working though things - I often feel that way and it's true - it seems to usually mean God wants me to just focus on what He is teaching ME and leave it at that...sometimes it works it's self into a post and other times, they are just truths that mould and shape me!

  2. I love the smile on Joshua in this picture. He sure loves Rah Rah! Cool to think that the little guy waiting to be born hears a lot of what is going on. He will be anxious to join in as soon as he is born! Glad you are learning and growing both physically and spiritually. Praying for you often.