Jan 21, 2015

Craving spring, enjoying books, and a podcast recommendation.

All the cold weather we've been having has finally stirred up in me a yearning for spring. I crave to see stretches of green and new, growing things and to feel warm sun on my skin. Along with this I have a sudden desire to travel and see new places and run through the New Zealand hills...I've never been to New Zealand and actually have no idea why this thought has taken up residence in my imagination but just look at these images and I promise you'll want to join me!

But here we are, still in January, and I'm determined to make the most of this month. Taking today for what it is continues to be a learning process for me - I may wake up with a creative itch or the desire to be really productive or do something new, only to be met with the realities of sick children and a still-prevailing queasiness and a sudden explosion of laundry and dishes. This is life. And despite some of these small struggles or mundane things, I keep thinking there is nothing else I would rather be doing (the New Zealand hills came to mind again, but moving on): this building of the homelife and childhood of my wee people.

I'm finding us in a new stage - my firtborn is 26 months now and his desire for books (and ability to sit still for a story) continues to grow day by day. After way too many readings of Go Dog, Go and a few other favorites (of his) I decided we needed to forge into new territory and realized we haven't used the library faithfully since he was more into very short and to the point board books. So the two of us had a Saturday date at the library and I was reminded of the absolute wealth that is out there in children's books - no need to be going crazy with Dr. Seuss when there's such an abundance of beautifully illustrated, well written stories. (Not dismissing Dr Seuss, but there's a time and a place!)

I know I can tend to have so many ideals for how I want to raise our children - the things I want to do with them and teach them and cultivate in our home. A lot of these perhaps remain just that - ideals and not things I purposely work into our lives. But this is one thing that feels attainable right now - to read together. We can go to the library and bring home stacks of books and make time in our day for at least one snuggle session on the couch with a story or two. And when's a better time than when it's too cold to do anything else anyway!

On this topic, I'm recommending a podcast that I listened to this morning that made my heart beat a little faster because it casts such a beautiful vision of the value of books and building a culture of reading in the home during childhood:

On Living a Storyformed Life 

(And if you enjoy it there are many more podcasts from The Read Aloud Revival that you can find here.)


  1. Uh-oh...now you're blogging even more often than I am! I'd better get back on my game! :)

    I can take the winter as long as I can see the sun! It's those grey days that make me crazy. It looks pretty at your house. I LOVE a clear, crisp slightly-below-freezing January day. If only it were easier to get us all dressed and out the door for a quick walk, I think I would like it even more.

    I miss the creativity too, and I always tell myself that if I stay on top of the regular stuff, that I can reward myself by doing that one project. But it doesn't usually work that way...it's one or the other. Sometimes I need to blog before doing the dishes, because I have to take care of myself and my creative outlets too.

    I absolutely agree that there is a wealth of WONDERFUL children's books out there. I think as parents we would love for our children to read the same books WE did, but there are more and more fabulous books coming out all the time, maybe even better than the classics. We all dream of floor to ceiling bookshelves at home, but it's great when we can borrow books for free from the library's bookshelves!

  2. Yes, at least the sunshine makes it a little easier! This view is from the back of our house in the workshop-turned-bedroom we renovated for Joshua. I love it because when his door is open the light pours down the hall and into the rest of the house.

    And yes, blogging (or other creative things) before housework is probably a good idea! There will always be tidying and cleaning to do but if you get a free chunk of time it might not come again ;) I need to do this more often!

  3. I was wondering how your renovations turned out! I still need to check out that podcast you shared.

    1. I'll have to do a post with before and after pictures :)

  4. This post really resonates with me. I desperately want to cultivate a love for reading in my daughter! I try to keep board books around the house for her to "flip through". Eventually, I want to incorporate a bed time reading, and eventually trips to the library. I think it is so important!

  5. Beppe would be proud to see her love for reading passing down through the generations. Enjoy the sunshine. Love, Mom