Aug 3, 2014

On asking and trust

We are still waiting for our home to sell, living in this in-between place of asking the Lord for something but not yet certain of His answer.

I was going through pictures the other evening and found the ones I had taken of the house we  made an offer on, pictures of more space and original wooden floors and a lovely staircase and rooms that (with some work) could become just right for our growing family. I thought about where we are now, how I love our little home but we're outgrowing it and if we can't sell and therefore miss out on the amazing deal of a house that we found then when, and how can we afford something else later on?

(And it isn't just about the house. There are other factors and things we are praying about and we wonder if moving this distance could be a part of the answer.)

But as soon as those anxious thoughts passed through my mind I was brought back to the truth that I am (slowly) learning to build my life, my days upon: the Lord is sovereign. Far from being a lofty, out-of-touch-with-reality truth, it is the foundation of all reality, intersecting with even the smallest details of our lives. My Heavenly Father surely knows what is best for us, and when we ask him for bread and fish He won't give us a stone or a snake. What this means is that I can be confident that He gives good gifts, and that if it isn't given it isn't good for us.

You should know that I am so spiritual that I always have this calm, trusting heart...don't worry, I'm kidding. Some days I am full of I am tired of waiting and why won't God do this or that and other discouraging or frustrated thoughts.

But that is when I know I need stillness - an open Bible and a repentant heart and time for prayer. It's here that my Father draws near and reminds me of the truth I need. He opens my eyes to see the right way again, and sometimes I'm just blown away with thankfulness over His gracious gifts that are everywhere around me.

He reminds me that He is enough, that all my deepest needs and desires have already been met in Him. When I am quiet enough to hear His voice, I know that I only want what is of His will, nothing more.

We ask and we choose to trust His answer.


  1. Nice thoughts and great pics. I love your little house and will miss it when you sell....

  2. Yes, He gives good and glorious gifs....the key is to be patient!! (but that's no fun! ;) lol!!) A big AMEN to your second last paragraph there!!! (the "He reminds me that He is enough...") And I sympathize with your wonderings about, if not now - then how will we ever?? I know that before Dave and I bought our first home, we never imagined we would actually be able to buy a house, ever!! But look at what God has done in our lives since!! He is truly an amazing and wondrous God!! He has good gifts for you guys, He His timing...*sigh* ;) ♥

  3. How awesome that I just read that verse yesterday in my study? Ha!

    I think we are all the same, at points, more than others we get fed up and tired of waiting, and it's all part of the journey.