Aug 26, 2014

Back to school salivating

The baby of course - did you think I meant me?

Although these three simple words - back to school (deep sigh) have always thrilled me right down to my sharp pencils and new notebooks loving soul.

I was homeschooled (the top student in my grade, haha...) and was begging my mom by the middle of August to let me start some of my new books. I was so over sleeping in and running around outside all day with the neighbor kids and even beach days, as fun as they were. A new math set (even though I hated math - go figure) and the smell of pink erasers and a crisp stack of textbooks sent shivers down my spine and I felt as though I was about to embark on an ocean journey to far away lands. Oh, learning, how enticing you were.

I still feel this way. I've been ogling school supplies in the flyers for weeks, strangely entertained by comparing prices on loose leaf paper and trying to figure out what is going on with all the pen choices that are available. I realize with glee that September is getting closer and I feel like some learning is going to happen and aren't you excited!! (Perhaps I've just gone crazy from too many renditions of The Itsy Bitsy Spider which has led to larger than usual intellectual cravings?)

At any rate, I want to make lists of goals and choose new books to read and pick out curriculum for my children even though they're only not yet 2 and 5 months old. Mmmm, maybe a tad bit early to lay it on so heavy, poor kids.

(And in case you think I plan on being some kind of educational superwoman, I've been known at times to get more excited about the planning and the possibilities than the actual follow-through. Hmm, maybe I should make a list of ways to combat this issue?)

I may not be going back to school or having to figure out a teaching plan this year, but I'll try to take advantage of this extra dose of ambition and enjoy the fresh-piece-of-paper feeling the season offers!

His highest ambition thus far is to escape bedtime with any kind of ball.


  1. Yay, a fellow back-to-school nerd, haha! I was exactly the sane way. This year we actually are doing some "practice" preschool with my son - I've been coming up with my preschool plan today! God's Little Explorers is a cute (free) preschool curriculum that we are using - just a note for you if you want to play with some school prep! ;-)

  2. Yes! I love the 'fresh start' feel that September brings! Picking out supplies and making plans was my favourite part of homeschooling - but yes, the carry through... ;). You're right - might want to combat that issue now!!! ;). And for me - nothing like some fall scented candles, good tea and some art supplies to make me feel 'back to school' joys!! :D

  3. Ahh yes. I was downstairs tonight sorting through books and planning. Grade 9 and 11 this year make it a little daunting, but I am still excited and I got my new book fix by smelling a friends curriculum so the fact that I already have all the books we need isn't so bad. I still drag out the poetry books and the readers in the hope that these boys will listen, but alas my eager artsy students (you in particular) have long since graduated and gone on with their lives. These boys are matter of fact when it comes to learning. Still, I love going through the books myself.

  4. I was a little scared to read this since my son is older than yours and I feel like I hardly "teach" him at all...the other day someone asked about letters/numbers/colors, and I was like....oops. I did pay to bring back an extra suitcase full of books, though! He'll have a library full of books in English if I have anything to do with it!

    1. Elizabeth - I was thinking today of giving Monica some books in Russian - and then wondered if I would confuse her entirely. Have you done any research related to what language he'll learn to read in?

  5. I'm glad to hear that homeschoolers shared that "new-year anticipation" that I always experienced as a child. For quite a few years I homeschooled my older children, and while we had a blast, I did hope I didn't deny them the delightful parts of school.

  6. Thanks for this post. You made me laugh as I read about your enthusiasm for school (even math...I'm with you there. The manipulatives were fun to play with, but the actual math, now that was a bit rougher). Have fun with your toddler and baby. Learning isn't just about school time, so you'll have lots of opportunities to teach them things that will be good for real life.