Jul 4, 2014

For sale

Two years ago, after almost a year of marriage and several months away from having our first baby, we moved back to my hometown and bought a  little 100+ year old home that needed work but was in our budget. Deciding to move back was a decision that seemed to happen overnight - we found out we were expecting and our apartment was barely big enough for two and we didn't want to rent long term anyway, so why not move to where we could actually afford a home? (We might have been able to purchase a closet, living in Canada's capital city.)

So we worked until we moved and then Loris gave up his job and I went on maternity leave with the plan of not going back later on, both of us saying goodbye to full benefits and pension plans. It wasn't hard though - we were amazed that we were able to save pretty quickly and get approved for a home, and trusted that the Lord would continue to provide, which He really has - all through the renovations and trial-and-error projects and the births of two babies!

We've enjoyed the last two years in this home but at the same time, I've felt it as being a temporary stop for us. Part of that feeling, I'm sure, came from the limited size of this house - a good sized living room but a small kitchen and dining area and only two bedrooms, one almost too small to squeeze a couple kids into. So we knew this was just our starter home, but I've often wondered as well if this particular town was only something temporary for us.

We are still wondering this - there's a for sale sign in our front yard and we have an accepted offer on a house in another town less than an hour away...but we have to sell ours first. And fitting with the way we seem to roll, we don't really have a plan except that we found a house that would fit some hopes for the future (at an amazing price) and perhaps the Lord has something in store and why not move ahead and see what happens?

So that is where we are at, waiting. I am ready to move, ready (I think) for a change. But at the same time I'm keeping in mind that we might find ourselves staying here for some time yet if our home doesn't sell, and I want to be content with that too.

If you want to pray, thank you!


  1. Things always have a way of working out! God is in charge! Praying for you. Either way, I know you will continue creating a lovely home for your husband and littles.

  2. Re-commenting - since the one this morning didn't work! But then I don't remember all the lovely things I said...Basically, you have a lovely home and I know that you will be content but it's amazing how discontentment can sneak in!! It's hard to wait, I understand, but maybe God is using this time to help you focus on and enjoy all that is around you!?! :) Either way I know it will all be good and I don't see you staying where you are long - once the moving itch hits, you've got to scratch it! ;) hahah!! :)

  3. God has the perfect home for you, all in his timing! Praying that you will know his patience and reassurance in this period of waiting :)

    In answer to your question on my blog we are part of the Anglican church. I am not really that bothered about denominations to be completely honest - as long as a church love Jesus and preach the bible then I don't think it matters but this is where God has called us for the moment! The Anglican Church in Wales can be a bit 'high' sometimes - hence all the 'dressing up' in the ordination photos(!) but that's not really our background or preference. The churches Josh will be working in do not use robes etc. :)

  4. Aww, I love a good old house with all the quirks and charm but they are often small! Making a big leap like that is a bit scary but I often just know things will work out the way they're supposed to. Can't wait to see your new adventure.

  5. I would echo the comments on God's timing, and the housing market can go up and down a lot so that can play a role. It sounds like you've done a wonderful job with your current home, and I hope it will still feel comfortable even as you are seeking to move. I know it can hard to be "in limbo."

  6. I hope your house sells quickly! I feel the same way sometimes - like I'm ready for a change, but we'll see.