Jun 13, 2014

Summer days

June is here, cool days and lush green everywhere and then heat and the sudden sultriness of a thunderstorm brewing. Tomatoes and beans and zucchini growing in leaps and bounds in the garden, geraniums blooming bright pink and red in their pots on our deck.

I am spending (most of) my days mothering two little people who seem to be growing just as fast as plants. Joshua is in love with the outdoors, preferring to be rambling about our yard or touring his neighborhood shotgun in the double-stroller or becoming braver by day at the park and splash pad. He loves pointing out birds and saying hello to dogs along the path, and the other morning he made friends with a very cool old man sporting knee-socks, a headband, and portable cd player. They walked alongside each other for a good five minutes, Joshua staring up at him periodically. Kindred spirits, perhaps? I couldn't figure out the fascination.

And then there is this little lamb (daddy's nickname), our Miriam. Two and a half months, already? She is calm and sweet, loving to be cuddled but also so content most of the time that I have to pick her up just because, not out of crying or fussiness. And this mommy is very grateful to only be woken once a night for a quick feeding and change!  

Having children sixteen months apart can be challenging at times, for sure, but I love this spacing, how close I hope these two will become. I love being mom to a brother and a sister and watching the bond begin, already - watching Joshua bring toys to Miriam and hovering in her face and making her smile. And yes, having to keep a close eye because love can quickly be overcome by a toddler's propensity for curiosity and trouble-making.

Yes, my son has a mullet, but I can't say goodbye to those blond curls yet!

I have other things to write about here - a possible big change coming up for us and things I am learning and thinking about, other pictures I wanted to post - but my time is up for now so I'll have to save these other things for another time. Part of life these days, the little pockets of time and interruptions!

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  1. Your littles are lovely. Thanks for including us in your walk to the park the other day. Uncle Patrick loved it! Enjoy these days. They go so fast.