May 23, 2014

Study Bible review.

Several weeks back B&H publishing sent me a free copy of the Study Bible for Women in exchange for a review. I normally read the English standard version but my curiosity for this particular study bible was piqued when I saw another blogger post about it so I jumped at the chance for a free copy! A few thoughts, somehow collected from the foggy corners of my new-baby-in-the-house brain:

To begin, I like the Holman Christian Standard version. Its publishers aimed to produce a readable, modern translation while retaining accuracy, and from what I've read so far I would say this is true. I know a lot of people like the NIV for it's readability but I think this would make an excellent replacement - it's very readable but leans more toward a word-for-word translation than the NIV.

The Bible itself is lovely - nice leather and a good binding and pages that are not too paper- thin. It's also a bit girly - the pages have a very pale blue border with subtle flowered designs throughout.

There are study notes, book introductions, word studies, answers to difficult questions, articles on Biblical womanhood, character profiles of women in the Bible and maps, charts, and timelines.So yes, lots of resources and scholarly helps for the woman that wants to study God's Word!

One thing I particularly appreciate in this resource is the emphasis for women to take Bible study seriously - too often, I think, material that is prepared for women lacks spiritual depth and solid, Biblical teaching, focusing too much on emotions and coming across as fluffy. You won't find that in this study Bible.

The only downside I see is it's not available in my favorite translation, the ESV, so although I'll definitely use it as a resource, it won't become my daily Bible.


  1. Hmmmm, I might have to check that out. So cool that you got a free copy!

  2. I don't know if they would ship to Russia but you could try - I was surprised how generous they are with supplying books to bloggers (without hundreds of followers)!