Apr 19, 2014

Our first moments (remembered as you turn 3 weeks).

Dear Miriam, today you are three weeks old and I wonder how we are here already and yet at the same time it seems it must be longer because I almost forget what it feels like not to have you here in my arms, here a part of our family, our little girl.

I think back to the evening of your birth, and the pain is a distant memory (Does God make it that way on purpose?) and the clearest thing I remember is the crazy joy I felt when I heard your cry (you announced your arrival the second you could) and I picked up your warm little body and held you close.

 We didn't know, this whole pregnancy, whether you were a boy or a girl and didn't have a preference either way, so it surprised me how happy I was to see we had a daughter, how right this felt. Your daddy told me afterward that I kept saying "A girl, our baby girl!!" but I was so focused on you I didn't realize I said anything, I was just laughing and so happy.

We've both realized very quickly it's true what they say - love for the second little one comes easily, not taking away any love from the first, but springing from a fresh supply in our hearts.

We love you, much much more than I can communicate with words, but how we look forward to raising you and living this love out in a million ways over the years ahead as you grow!

Note: Some of you asked about the birth story - I did start to write a post on this but didn't finish - I love to read birth stories (and did record Joshua's birth) but as I typed it somehow felt too personal to share on here. But for your curiosity, the very condensed version would be that I labored all day at home, was eight centimeters dilated by the time we got to the hospital, and Miriam was born naturally a few hours later. It was a long, tiring day, the delivery seemed more intense and painful than my first, but the end result was of course more than worth it :)


  1. Congrats Stephanie. Miriam is so sweet.

  2. This is lovely! Amazing how you have your family and can't imagine how another one will 'fit' in and then before you know it - you have no idea what it was like without them! ;)

    Oh, and I like the condensed birth story! ;)