Mar 4, 2014

These days...

It really seems unbelievable that in less than a month (or so) we'll become a family of four, that I'll be mama to two. I've thought about writing a pregnancy update post so many times and just realized tonight as I sat down that I haven't actually posted anything about this pregnancy other than announcing it back in the fall before we went on our internet break.

The time has went by so fast, especially in comparison to what I remember about being pregnant with our first. These last weeks I am anxious and so very excited to have this baby in my arms but at the same time somewhat nervous about labor and feeling unprepared. (Is anyone ever really prepared?)

I have a mental list of things-to-do-before-baby and nesting has definitely set in for me as I've been purging and cleaning out cupboards and even doing little decor projects around the house.  And then there are days when I want to do nothing but stay in pajamas and cuddle and tickle my little boy and play all day and soak up these fleeting last moments of him being my baby.

 I can't wait for him to have a sibling and for all that lies ahead but this is me, sentimental at every approaching change, wanting what's coming but at the same time aching for time to stand still just a little bit longer.

My sister and her husband (who live a couple hours away) are expecting their first baby ten days after I'm due so it will be interesting to see who goes first, or how many days apart. I was right on my due date last time but anything could happen! She carries bigger than me but I still feel this picture is flattering to my actual size. And I have been told that I now waddle...sigh.

 I love it that we are pregnant together - I don't get to see Chrissy as often as I would like but we smile remembering the days (not very long ago) when we were both single and wondering if we'd ever be married or have children. But here we are, prayers answered and both very thankful for God's provision.

Oh, and a fun fact - we don't know if we're having a boy or a girl this time around but I got another look at baby on an ultrasound today and the technician was laughing about how much hair this little one appears to have - crazy how clearly it showed up, floating out behind the head. I can't wait to see! 

Twenty six days to go and counting...


  1. Very exciting. Hoping you both have good deliveries. Can't wait to meet these little people.

  2. Haha - I have a post very similar to this in draft mode - I wanted to post last night but was too tired to fully finish it - and then today...well you know why I didn't get it up today! :P Anyways, yes, exciting all around - I can't wait to meet your hairy little one!! And your sisters little blessing too!! Oh lovely!!! :D

    1. Post it! I'm sure we do have similar feelings these days so a similar post was bound to happen :)

    2. Oh yes - I will get around to it - hopefully tonight! I meant to write something in my comment there about great pregnant minds think alike....but yeah - my brain was done last night! ;) I'm so excited to meet your little one and Chrissy's - though I know it will make me that much more anxious to meet our own little!!

  3. Can't wait to hear about the baby's arrival! And you and your sister are so cute - I love that picture of you together!

  4. I can't believe it's happening so soon, but I guess that's partly because you haven't really been blogging this whole time. So exciting. My brother's wife gave birth about 6 weeks after me, but unfortunately we are always continents apart. It's fun having cousins close in age!

  5. Hi Stephanie!! Thank you for commenting and saying 'hello' :) You absolutely made my day! Congratulations on your second little one. I hope you these last few weeks of pregnancy treat you kindly! I'll be eager to follow along as you adjust to having another baby!

  6. You look so tiny for only less than a month left! I can't wait to hear your news, I do hope you can post once you have the baby.

  7. Hmmm....your ticker says 39 weeks 2 days....