Mar 26, 2014

Sanity hour ramblings.

Right now it is sanity hour at our house...which means that after one too many outbursts (Joshua, not me) my toddler was put to bed, water for tea was promptly boiled, and a vanilla candle lit at the living room desk. I probably need a nap as well but the tea seemed more tempting so here I sit, resolved to get another post up before the inevitable happens - labour, of course! So, some random bits and pieces for my own remembrance and your reading enjoyment (I will assume).

On our baby toddler: Today is not his day, thus the early nap. The blocks wouldn't fit together right, there was a peanut butter smear on his arm (how disturbing), the right song wasn't playing on the computer, he slipped on a piece of paper while walking across the kitchen floor....the list could go on but each issue brought tears or objects hurled across the room in frustration or a full-fledged temper tantrum on the floor. And he's only sixteen months! We are starting to have some little challenges with this firstborn of ours but I do love his personality and wouldn't trade his determination or passion for a more docile personality even if it meant easier parenting. And the other side of him is all sweetness and joy so it balances out. We just pray for patience and wisdom as he grows! How I love this kid.

On (the upcoming) birth:  I think I am more nervous this time around. Joshua's birth was much easier than I expected birth to be, and Lord willing this will be another relatively short and calm delivery, so I am not sure why the increase in anxiety. Maybe because I know what it's like this time around and the memory of the really intense and painful parts of birth are coming back to me with perfect clarity. But I am trying to focus less on that and more on the feeling of holding that newborn in my arms for the first time! And I am so so excited that we don't know the gender this time around, it will be a fun surprise! As of today we have four days to go until the expected due-date!

On drawing near to Christ: This is something that has been much on my mind in these days of nesting and preparing and looking forward...I can get so caught up in getting things done and my mind is a running commentary on a thousand things, but only one thing is really necessary, and I need to keep reminding myself of this, to sit at Jesus' feet and learn from Him, both when I am desperate and needy and when it most feels like a discipline.

I've also been remembering the brain fog that hit me so hard the first weeks (months?) after my first was born, and how difficult it was to focus and spend quality time in the Word. How would I advise myself now? To keep reading, even if it feels like nothing is sticking! To keep drawing near, to pour out honest thoughts in prayer (often), to ask for grace, because He is so faithful to supply exactly what we need.

So these days I am trying to carve out time in the mornings to pray, to read through Ephesians, to journal a bit or read a portion of this book which is applicable to every season of life but especially so right now, I'm finding - these truths of the incarnation - God becoming man in Christ Jesus and experiencing life as frail, human flesh. I could write a lot on this but I will just summarize by saying how comforting it has been to take a closer look at our loving, compassionate, sympathizing Saviour. A worship experience, really. 

Other reading: I picked up a copy of Middlemarch at the library recently. I was looking for some fiction to have on hand for middle of the night feedings and other spare moments and read some reviews on this classic novel online...apparently some say it might be the best english novel ever written? We'll see how far I get, but I'm looking forward to the challenge!

A recent project: I wanted some fresh, springy pillows for our living room and kept seeing (and coveting) pillows that cost $45, at least. Definitely not fitting in our budget so I decided to make some myself using free fabric samples that my husband brought home a couple years ago when he worked at a textiles store. Yep, free! I have sewn about twice since I was twelve or so (unless you count stitching buttons back on) so I am very happy with the result! It's envelope style at the back (lots of tutorials online) and the front is just hemless pieces sewn overtop my squares and then washed to fray (Inspiration taken from my friend Kendra's quilt). Very easy...and probably the last creative project I get to tackle for a while.

My sister's baby shower: Loved having a baby shower for my sister, which several of us collaborated on. And look, my sister-in-law posted pictures so I can be lazy and simply link you there to see the lovely (and very pregnant) Chrissy. (Thanks, Kaitlin!)

And there are other things I could write about but I hear grumps coming from the baby-monitor which means it's time to get in gear again.


  1. I love picturing you drinking tea! We do that too and it is a very wrong sort of day if "I haven't even had a chance to drink tea yet." I love the pillows too.

    I had the blues/depression hard-core after our son was born, so that's something I would want to work on preventing if we have another one. It is still kind of painful to think about. Drawing near to Christ is a good one to think about. Not to be a downer-just reflecting on it for myself. The actual details of the birth weren't so important after all compared to keeping my feet on solid ground.

    1. Yes, I love coffee too but there is something so settling about mom would often say (half-jokingly) as I was growing up that tea can solve (or at least make easier) a lot of life's problems :)

      I'm sorry you struggled with depression after David's birth...I had some off days but thankfully nothing too seems to be a common thing though.

  2. You're welcome for the pics! ;) lol!! It was a great shower - even with the snow!! I like your pillow, (good job!!!) - AND the one you didn't show!! (the yellow one- I like it a lot!)

    1. Thanks! Yes, should have shown both but at the time I forgot I made the yellow one as was at least a few weeks ago and my brain is suffering slightly these days ;)

  3. Those pillows look fantastic! I'm excited to hear your news on baby. We're finally in the house and it's mad chaos, I don't like it. However I used my new dishwasher today and it's amazinggggggggggggg.

  4. How did I miss this post? Glad my quilt could inspire you. :) Nice work on the pillow.