Jan 28, 2014

On reading

Last year I began a booklist for the purpose of keeping track of what I read and with the hope of being disciplined to actually complete each book I picked up.

Recently, while updating my blog's Goodreads sidebar, I reviewed last year's list and was surprised to see only fourteen titles (two of which are not yet completed). Fourteen? That's it?  For some that might be an accomplishment but it seems a low number for a self-professing book-worm like myself. Ah well...in retrospect I was surviving in a very sleep-deprived state this past year so I've probably done well to have read what I did!

But the year is new and I'm excited to continue enjoying the written word, learning (hopefully some of it sticks with more sleep deprivation headed my way end of March...) and listing titles as I go. Join me if you'd like!

And on the topic of reading, a couple blog posts I've recently enjoyed:

In Reading for the fuzzy brain, Kim suggests journaling in a notebook to help process content and retain thoughts, a practice I've begun while reading through one of the books on my list this year (More on this in another post).

In this post, Aimee argues the value of sometimes choosing books we feel are above our head or reading level. I agree! While at times we may just want to settle in with a good novel or some light, easy to read nonfiction, we're missing out on the opportunity to grow and be stretched if we never tackle something deeper, longer, or more complex than we might normally be drawn to.


  1. I took a little peek at your list. :) I have to say that if it's fiction, I go through very many books in one year, maybe even 1-2 per day. Lately I even sneak a few chapters while my son is in the bath. But a lot of those books on your list look like they would be challenging and/or thought-provoking. So I really wouldn't worry about quantity there. ;) I enjoy reading biographies because I like the blend of inspiration with drama.

  2. Hmm...I've been checking out this Goodreads in a bit more depth and you know - I think it just might inspire me to read more...or at least - as you said - finish more! ;) I think I might actually set a goal and try to get back into reading!! My biggest hurdle - why do I feel it's okay to waste a night 'bumming' around the net but NOT reading a book?!?! I'm so strange!! :P Thanks for the inspiration/motivation! :D

    1. Yay, I hope you do it! I have a curiosity about what others are reading so this would allow me to snoop on you ;) And it's true, we could probably accomplish a lot more without the internet luring us in!

  3. Haha. Yes, it's harder when your time is occupied! But they'll be off to school before we know it and then I often wonder what I will fill my days with!