Jul 29, 2013

Two years married.

The summer is fast slipping away...but is there any other kind of summer apart from the long, meandering summer days of childhood?

Nope, it seems there is no escaping it! 

This summer has been different for me, the first I haven't worked - or rather - that I haven't worked a paying job. The first summer in a number of years without definite vacation plans or even a weekend away. It has been good though, my husband has been home (he's still looking for work) and we've been able to enjoy simple days together, working on home renovation projects or in our garden, taking day trips and just enjoying time with family and friends.

The 23rd of this month marked two milestones - my husband and I celebrated two years of marriage, and our little guy turned 8 months old. (Forgive me, Joshua, for not keeping up on your month-to-month posts!)

We were married in a quaint little country church with just under a hundred people in attendance, a hot summer day bright with sun and laughter and joy. It was perfect.

In a sense the last two years have flown by, but I also feel like we've been together much longer. After all, we've been through several different jobs, a move from one city back to my home town, an apartment and our first house, pregnancy and the birth of our first child. A lot of living packed into a relatively short amount of time!

Getting ready to go out for dinner (without baby along, what a rare thing!) I thought about what great wisdom I've acquired, being married this amount of time :)  And you know, the one thing I kept thinking of is how I have fallen so short of who I aim to be as a wife, so short of what Scripture calls me to, as a woman who professes Christ.  Loris is gracious and most often sees only the good, praising me. But I know the selfishness that still lies so deep in my heart, displayed when I snap or think of myself first time and time again.

So although I could think of a few things I have learned, and perhaps have acquired some wisdom along these two short years to counsel someone newer to this than me, my overwhelming thought was just I have so far to go.

But that is a grace in itself, to see the imperfection and mistakes but to desire to change, to grow...and to be given yet another day to walk together in this life, husband and wife.

Each new day - will we take the opportunities to put one another first, to love deeper, to seek a better understanding, to practice patience, to build up and not tear down?

(An after-dinner anniversary walk)

These two, my best earthly-blessings.

And so we look to another year together (if the Lord wills), enjoying the good gifts our Father gives that oh we don't deserve but we thank Him for them!


  1. Happy Anniversary Stephanie and Loris! We celebrate our 7th (!!!!!!!!!!!!) on August 5th :)

    1. Thanks Vanessa! Congrats on (soon to be) 7 years!

  2. Congrats! I know what you mean, it feels like it has been AGES. So eventful! And 3 years ago we weren't even dating yet. It was all something I could only dream of. Take heart, single ladies!

    1. I know, isn't that crazy! When it's time, God just makes it happen :)

  3. I love that pic of Loris and Joshua! Very nice! Congratulations on two years and praying for continual growth, wisdom, love and blessings in the years to come! I'm sure you have learned some things these past two busy years but yes, a long way to go yet - until sanctification my dear! ;) lol! Oh it only gets better and better, trust me, it does!! :D

  4. Congratulations Stephanie! I haven't blogged in a few years but was just reminiscing through some of my posts and ran across your comments so decided to come by and see what you were up to. Last time I was over here you were writing about singleness and now you are married with a beautiful baby! I'm so thrilled for you! Praying God continues to bless you Richly! ♥