Jul 7, 2013

Distractions and a new bride

I am lacking in discipline to blog much these days. I have many thoughts and ideas that could turn into posts but somehow it feels like too much effort to sit down and organize them into coherent or worthwhile paragraphs.

I will blame it on a mix of busyness, distractions, and maybe a lack of structure. I want to write, I itch to write, but other things come up or steal my attention.  I will have to think about how I can purposely make time for this outlet and then stick with it.

But it's summer, and who wants to think about schedules or discipline right now! It will probably be fall before I try to post on a regular schedule again, although no doubt I'll be back several times before then. Can't let this space get too lonely!

For now, a picture, because one of you asked - my little sister and her husband who were married a week ago yesterday.  (I think she makes one of the loveliest brides I've seen.) Their day was beautiful and I am so happy for her, although saddened that we'll be living a couple hours apart now.

Photo credit: Kaitlin Andrews

 I did, of course, sternly point out to her that she is breaking our childhood pact to have families and raise our children down the street from one another. How dare she...but life must go on.

I pray (earnestly) that God would bless them as they begin their lives together in the precious covenant that is marriage.

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  1. Beautiful! I sort of did that to my sister, too... moved across the ocean. :( But we are still close.