Jun 28, 2013


This was almost two years ago, my little (taller than me) sister standing by my side as maid of honour on a day filled with beauty and anticipation and nerves and joy.

And tomorrow I will get to return the favour and stand by her side as she pledges her life to another. I am so excited for her - so happy for the ways God has led her and brought her and her very-soon-to-be husband together.

I am excited to watch her move in to this new season, for the blessings that lie ahead.

And of course she will not see this post because today she is running about like a crazy woman finishing last minute details and tomorrow will be even busier and after that she will be swept off on honeymoon...but just the same, I will say it here - I love you Chrissy! I am so blessed to have you as my sister and best friend.