Jun 23, 2013

Thoughts on seeking God, again (and pictures of babies with chickens - you're welcome).

Cleaning up the bookmarked pages on our computer, I came across a beautiful post that I've referenced here before: Being His Before Being Theirs.

And I just have to suggest it here again because this is something I feel so passionately about - even in the busyness of motherhood, how important to make seeking Christ a priority.  We are His daughters first, and cultivating our walk with Him will probably be the best thing we can do for our children anyway. So please read the above post if you are in need of some encouragement in this area!

When I was single my sister and I ran our own business cleaning houses and helping seniors in their homes for several years. I would say this chapter of my life was monumental in my spiritual growth. Why? Because I had so much time. Some days I would clean for six hours and before going out the door would copy hours of sermons and conference messages and lectures and worship music to my MP3 player. I would just clean away in these empty houses, getting physical exercise and soaking up all this rich biblical material at the same time. And getting paid to do so - it really was an ideal job for me at that time!

I often would think to myself - I'll never get the opportunity to spend such focused time learning and with the Lord again - so I made the most of it. I still look back on it as a precious time of growth that the Lord gave me.

It is different now. But I am learning what it means to seek the Lord faithfully in this season, knowing that each is different and there will be change again, but today is what I am given.

Cousin Aaliyah (her chicks) and Joshua.
Early rising and devotions first thing (something I used to enjoy) are not an option for me right now, and that's okay. I'm up at night with a baby and he needs to be nursed and changed and played with first thing in the morning. This is just one area I've had to adjust in.

 We may not get long uninterrupted stretches to spend in in-depth study, but what about jotting down verses to memorize on index cards above your kitchen sink? Or listening to audio Bible or messages while you clean house or sit on the floor playing with baby? Or stepping outside for just a few minutes to really pour out your heart to God?

 I'm realizing that it takes creativity and flexibility, but if I look for opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship with the Lord, they are there.

If you are struggling in this area, I encourage you most of all to pray. Don't linger in guilt over lazyness or wasted time and opportunity (as I have at times) - if you are a Christian than God will forgive and cleanse you and your record before Him is now perfect faithfulness.

Go to Him not out of obligation but because He is your loving, welcoming Father who has prepared untold riches for you in His Word and in fellowship with His Son! If your heart is sluggish then pray for desire, for a hunger to know God and know His Word. Pray for a renewed love. You can know that He will answer these prayers that are in accordance with His will.

And if the progress seems slow at times, be encouraged:

"Do not think you are getting no good from the Bible, merely because you do not see that good day by day. The greatest effects are by no means those which make the most noise, and are most easily observed. The greatest effects are often silent, quiet, and hard to detect at the time they are being produced.

Think of the influence of the moon upon the earth, and of the air upon the human lungs. Remember how silently the dew falls, and how imperceptibly the grass grows. There may be far more doing than you think in your soul by your Bible-reading." - J.C. Ryle


  1. I know for myself - I tend to be an all or nothing kind of person - so if I don't get that first thing, uninterupted time then I often let my 'devotional' time go - but I do pray often and all day long, I recivee weekly deovtion emails, and I have nothing but worship, praise and God glorifying music on all day - I just never really stopped to consider that as seeking Him - just apart of daily living - so thank you - this encourged me and reminded me that the little things do add up! I keep hearing/ready the copy bible versus onto index cards thing....you think He might be nudging me? ;) I'll check out that link too! Thanks!

    1. He has a way of doing that, Kait. ;) I love how you girls long for a deeper relationship with God. In the busyness of life, He is the anchor for our souls. Even we 'older' women need to be reminded and I thank God He does that.

  2. I always find myself singing worship songs in the shower, that's always uplifting. But it doesn't replace Bible reading. Sometimes I think I should start reading in the morning right after the first feeding, when he's crawling around getting some energy out. But I usually just feel like lying down on the couch nearby and trying to doze a bit. Do you think that maybe asking God about it is the first step? Praying every day for that little window of time/motivation/energy to make itself known? I'm just sort of stuck as to how to work this back into my daily (non-existent) routine.

    1. I think that's a great first step...our lives and windows of opportunity are all so different but I think God will be faithful to show you what you can do. And I think many of us feel like it's all or nothing, but even reading and thinking about a small portion of Scripture can be very beneficial.