Apr 3, 2013

Blogging award fun, part 2.

Part one here

Completing my assignment from the Liebster Award that Jessica nominated me for! Here are the eleven (great!) questions she came up with, and my answers.

1. Do you have a favorite time of day?

Morning has always been my favourite. Even as a teenager, I would get up early on Saturday morning just because I looked forward to having free time and planning what I would do over the weekend. These days, I don't always enjoy getting up early after a night of interrupted sleep with my little one, but I still love mornings. I love the early light and the feeling of a new day stretching before me.
2. What kind of driver are you?

I am quite cautious and try to be courteous.  But my fault is getting extremely frustrated when I'm driving in traffic and people are rude. If you don't let me merge into a lane or cut me off then I can be very mad at you.  It's like people think they are anonymous and invisible in their cars so they can forget manners and being nice.

3. How did you meet your spouse?

I was volunteering with a street ministry team. One evening my (future) husband had come out with a friend (he was interested in the work we were doing) and was in the crowd listening to me share a bit of my testimony. He tells me that he thought to himself, I could marry a girl like this! And from then on we got to know each other through attending a Bible study and working on the same team a few times a month. He found out I had a blog and started reading it, which also piqued his interest in me. Our friendship developed slowly (I think that first night on the street was about a year and a half before we started dating) but finally I thought I could marry a man like this and then we started dating and were married within eight months!

An engagement photo, taken by my sister-in-law

4. Windows or Apple? Why?
Windows, because it's all I've ever used, and I don't know anything about Apple. 
5. Do you have a daily routine? What is it?
Somewhat. The first few months after having our baby were more about survival and navigating new waters.  Getting the sleep I could and caring for Joshua were my priorities for the day. Now that I'm getting the hang of this parenting thing I'm aiming to give our days more structure.
I usually feed Joshua first thing in the morning and then we head downstairs. I make and eat breakfast while he plays on the floor and then we play together for a while (looking at books, singing, etc). Sometimes my hubby takes him for a while so I can get a shower. Then he goes down for his morning nap. He'll usually sleep for 45 minutes to an hour and lately I've been trying to use this time for devotions.  Maintaining a spiritual life and walk with God is absolutely the most important thing...I've struggled with this since having a baby and am finding my way back...I want to write a post about this soon. 
Continuing on with the daily routine - one thing I've also started doing during the morning nap is jotting a few things down on a daily to-do list. I don't always get around to crossing the whole list off, but I like to have a few things in mind to give me some structure and goals throughout the day. All part of adjusting to being a stay at home mom! I might include things like "sort through clothes and set aside things to give away, bake muffins for freezer, fill out forms for new doctor or make phone call to so and so". Nothing crazy but it keeps me on track! I guess I just like making lists too!
And then in the afternoon we might go for a walk or run errands or go on visits. I might do some cleaning.
I count it a privilege to be able to prioritize raising our boy and making a home. My husband is so supportive of this which is great! After my maternity leave is over I would still like to contribute to our income in some way but I plan on staying home while doing so. Honestly, I love it!

6. Are you a side, back, or stomach sleeper?
In between side and stomach.
7. Are you prepared for a zombie apocalypse?
No! That sounds absolutely terrifying and I am home alone right now so I refuse to dwell on it, haha!
8. Favorite type of shoes?
I like ballet flats. Perfect combination of pretty and practical. I've never liked heels which I guess is good because my hubby and I are about the same height. 
9. Buy or DIY?
DIY if possible! I want to up my DIY skills as we continue to work on our little old home :)
10. Favorite childhood toy?
I don't even have to think about this one - it was my dollhouse! It was a simple wooden one that my grandfather (originally from Holland) made. I spent hours and hours decorating it - wallpapering, making wooden furniture and crafting little accessories like books and clay food and picture frames. I continued with this hobby well into my teen years, laying the foundation for my love of home decor and DIY! 
11. Are you afraid of the dark?
 Yes. You just never know what's lurking there! I do love going for walks in the dark but if I'm alone I feel a bit nervous.  If I'm home alone I need to have lights on throughout the house!

 Well that wraps it up!

I am supposed to pass this award on to some bloggers with under 200 followers who I feel deserve more recognition. So I'm choosing:

Kaitlin from Homemaker Design.

Kaitlin (my sister-in-law) writes about her family, DIY projects, and her walk with the Lord among other subjects. She's so creative and is a great photographer as well!

Elizabeth from On Life in St. Petersburg.

I found Elizabeth's blog several years ago, I think, but started reading it regularly after we were both married around the same time. She writes interesting posts about living in Russia from the perspective of an American. I think she has a heart for ministry and I love reading her updates on being a new mom. 

Rachel from Dreaming of the Country
I'm fairly new to Rachel's blog.  She's from Wales, UK and writes about her life as a mom and "vicar's-wife-in-training" as well as lots of great posts on homemaking and organizing.

Katy from Tales From the Little White House
I found Katy's blog when she was still single and now she is a wife and mom to a little boy. I appreciate her passion for her relationship with Jesus.

Kendra  from These are a few of my favourite things
My friend Kendra participated in a 30 day photo challenge with me, which was a lot of fun! As you can guess from her title, she writes about some of her favourite things. I would love to see her continue blogging more frequently. 

 Ladies, I hope you decide to accept your award and go with the assignments! Go to my original post to copy over the instructions and get the graffic for your post.  I will leave comments on each of your blogs with my eleven questions for you! Feel free to be as brief or extensive as you'd like.

This has been fun, thank you again to Jessica for nominating me!


  1. I think I'll join, but will likely not pass it on. This version of the Liebster Award is more involved than some that I googled. So I'll morph it into my own thing. Hope you don't mind.

    1. Of course not! You're not obligated to pass it on :)

  2. Gee! Thank you!! :) This was a lot of fun to read, by the way!! I totally need to copy your list making thing - I have such good intentions but when I finally get to doing something my mind goes blank - lists are needed! I liked your photo there!! Oh and this line made me laugh!
    " It's like people think they are anonymous and invisible in their cars so they can forget manners and being nice."
    So true!!!

    I'll get on this soon - should be fun!! :)

  3. Thanks for nominating me! I'll try to get round to answering those (great!) questions at some point.
    I love your dating story - it's really sweet.

    1. You're welcome Rachel! Thanks for (planning to) participate, I look forward to your post!

  4. I learned some interesting things about you! Your daily routine sounds so calm and peaceful. :) I do like to write down specific tasks, too. They usually involve certain hot spots that I need to take care of. It can take weeks until I get around to it, but it's so satisfying to finally do it and cross it off the list!