Apr 18, 2013

A successful mission.

I don't think I've posted photos or talked much about my younger sister Chrissy before. So, here she is (on the left):

 Passed me in height years ago, me being 5'7 and her almost 6 feet tall. I've always been mistaken for the younger sister, although less often, these days. Growing up she was my best friend, and is still - next to my husband. We get each other's humour and laugh about strange things. We have so many good memories and inside jokes. And living up to my rightful place as big sister, I've tried to keep her in line all these years.

She obviously admires me, following in my footsteps by dating her (future) husband from November to the next spring, getting engaged and then setting her wedding date two months before turning 27. Hey, it worked for me, Chrissy, so I don't blame you for copying!

So with this timeline set in place and the end of June approaching fast, yesterday we had some special shopping to do...

We brought Joshua along because clearly he means business when a decision needs to be made. 

 So much to look at!

And I really wish I could share a picture of the dress she chose, because I think she will make the most beautiful bride ever! That will have to wait until June. Can't have her husband-to-be coming across her secret, can I?


  1. She told me she had found her DREAM dress!! Exciting!!! :D She looks so radiant in these pictures!!

  2. Beautiful choice she made and so nice that you (and Joshua) could be there with her. She is going to make a beautiful bride.

  3. Glad you had a fun day and found a beautiful dress for such a special occasion. I'm getting excited to see you ladies again SOOOOON!

  4. It's fun to see a picture of you and your sister!