Mar 17, 2013


Day seventeen of the 30 photo challenge:

Part of the decor these days...

I am not one for all sorts of baby related gizmos but I am glad we purchased a monitor. Gives me peace of mind when our little one is napping upstairs! (Or should be napping, as you may see by the red light sound indicator.)


  1. I like this! The colours are nice - but the lights on the monitor make me think of Christmas! ;) hahah!! :D

  2. I had these things you plug in from Radio Shack but they were two way. We used them when Jon was little and we would go across the road to play cards with the neighbors but we could hear everything you guys did. Dave would push the button and talk to us if he wasn't sleepy. Yours is definitely cooler looking.

  3. Hey you. It was day 17 today! You did Day 14 twice! LOL

    1. Thanks for the heads up! All fixed.

  4. Peace of mind and matching decor. Nice combination.