Mar 12, 2013


Day twelve of the 30 photo challenge:

We were out of town today and happened to be driving home during sunset hour. I snapped this picture out the side window as scenery flashed by, lucky to get a clear shot. Isn't God's artistry lovely?

Meanwhile, Joshua was lost in his own thoughts in the back seat...

Or was he chewing his nails while making a pretend telephone call?


  1. I love the sunset and that shot of Joshua is so cute. Very creative.

  2. Ohhh, very nice! I often see gorgeous sunsets when leaving Ottawa - such a pretty drive! I like the mirror - good for peace of mind!! Your comment on him there made me chuckle!! ;) :D

  3. Sunset is lovely and I think you're right about Joshua. Do you know who he's on the phone with, it must be a stressful call for him to chew his nails. :)