Mar 9, 2013

Someone I love.

Day nine of the 30 photo challenge:

I'm cheating today. I decided to post a picture of my husband, because he is the first person that comes to mind and is the one I love most. Then I thought, that's too obvious and I want to do something more creative...but I just can't. So, this is my husband Loris.

And I'm cheating in that I didn't take this picture today. Rather, it's a photo I took one day after our engagement in March of 2011.  We were walking along the river in Ottawa and it was cold but spring was in the air. It's my favorite picture of him because I think it captures the kindness in his eyes, and I think he looks just a little bit happy that I said yes to his question the day before!

Loris is the kind of person that you have to get to know for a while to realize just who he is. I'm glad I took that chance, because he is a treasure I thank God for.

Most of all, I love that he hungers and thirsts for righteousness (Matthew 5:6). He wants to know and love Christ more, and he encourages me to as well. He loves the gospel and truth and is bold in his convictions.

And with a little more then a year and a half of marriage behind us, he's proven himself to be a husband (and now a father too) who is kind, unselfish, and thoughtful.  

And it doesn't hurt that he speaks Italian!

Ti amo per sempre, Loris.


  1. Tisk tisk!! - claim that you want to do something 'more creative' and then not only go for your original thought (which I have to say was a good one! ;) ) but then post an OLD photo! TISK TISK!!! ;) Okay - NOW you REALLY have to do the first three days - I'm going to scold you in person when I see you! ;) :P

  2. "It doesn't hurt that he speaks Italian" - that's cute. Happy for you two and how He's joined you together.

  3. I don't think I'd ever seen a photo of your husband! Nice. Now I can put a face on him when you write about him.

  4. I look forward to seeing the first 3 days of the challenge too! :)