Mar 30, 2013


Day 30 of the 30 photo challenge:

The last photo for this challenge, but my sister-in-law says she is going to give us one more assignment for tomorrow since there are 31 days in March. 

I am not good at taking self-portraits, can you tell?

 I had a full day today - my mom and two youngest brothers dropped in for a short visit this morning, then my sister-in law with her three kids and a friend with her little girl. We chatted and drank too much coffee and went for a long walk in the spring sunshine, kids and babes trailing along and in their respective strollers. A lovely day.

 I've just now finished with my baby - fed, changed, cuddled some fussies away, gave a much needed bath, and tucked him into bed for the night. And now I have a cake to make for an Easter dinner taking this picture was a last minute thought. I normally just smile right at the camera, so I thought I would change this up and go with something less posed - can you guess what I'm doing here? Hint: I have a bad habit of hunching over and usually my mouth is hanging open. Apparently I'm too vain to post that one...

Okay, I am just rambling now and I have that cake to bake. I almost said "bake to cake". Hoping for a good night's sleep tonight!


  1. You are on the computer, right? Have a wonderful Easter. See you for dinner tomorrow at Grandma's!

  2. I like it, this looks very natural! Only four more then you're officially done! ;) :P (I'm a stinker I know!!! lol!)

  3. Glad to hear you have 4 more, ha ha! I have liked this series on your blog. It is a good way to learn about someone.

    1. Um, three more now, haha. We'll see - I have a couple other posts I want to get up this week so I may just count this challenge as officially over! I'm glad you've enjoyed following along, Elizabeth :)

  4. I hunch too... so bad for my body. I try not to let my mouth hang open when I'm using the computer at work. I'm sure I have a few times though. LOL