Mar 19, 2013

PicMonkey text prints.

I like to have meaningful words on display, whether Scripture or thoughtful quotes. I've had several picture frames to fill for quite a while but we don't have a printer so the idea has been waiting. Then we made our coat rack and I really wanted to put a verse that came to mind in a frame on top.

Thinking about it one day, I decided to use PicMonkey to design a text print, which I would then simply get printed at Walmart. Fifteen cents later I had a finished project and my frame is not so lonely:

Something like this could easily be designed in Photoshop or a similar program but I don't have one so PicMonkey was an easy solution. Want to copy? Here's what I did:

1) On the main page, click "create a collage". Under layout, I just chose the two-photo layout and deleted one of the sections, leaving me with one. Save the blank photo to your computer, and then open it up again by going back to the main page and clicking "edit a photo". (You have to do this to be able to apply text to a white space.)

2) Now you'll want to choose the re-size option so you can print it out at the appropriate size. I found this handy guide which tells you what the pixel sizes should be for different prints.

3) And now you're ready to choose your text and go nuts. I made a simple print for my entryway verse, but experimented and came up with this one as well:

Lots of possibilities! And of course you could do an actual photo with text overtop, but I like the look of plain, crisp text grabbing your attention.

So go for it, design and print out some words you need to be reminded of and display them around your space!


  1. Aw, yay!! The frame is no longer lonely! Good work too! Looks lovely! I like the one there that you didn't print out...yet! ;) Okay, off to photograph my something orange! :D

  2. Thanks!! I'm with you, I like the one better that I didn't print. The first one I literally did in five minutes before we had to run out for some things and I just wanted to see how it would print out at walmart. But I think I will be re-doing it :)

    1. Well it's fine and dandy for being done in five minutes as you were going out the door! ;) lol!! But yes, I can see you having lots of fun with this! :D