Mar 9, 2013

Let me hang up your coat.

So, the little project I said I would share!

Our house does not have the best layout - the entrance door we use opens between our kitchen and very small dining area and the only coat closet we have is down the hall and around the corner. Which is fine for keeping our stash of coats and extra footwear in, (as well as a little front porch, but we don't use it as our entrance) but when people come over coats end up strewn over dining chairs, which isn't the best. So for a while now I've wanted to get a coat hook rack for the wall but every one I've looked at just wasn't what I wanted - not special enough, and definitely too expensive for what it is.

 So, I decided to make one. Actually, I told my husband my basic idea and he helped me look for everything I needed and did all the wood cuts and screw assembly. I glued the trim and painted everything and here it is!

I love the charm it adds to this area - we just had an ugly laminate cupboard there before, not nice at all.

I have a Scripture in mind that I want to print out for the little frame on the shelf...

And now I'm inspired to paint the inside of our entrance door, which I've wanted to do for some time.

It's a good feeling to save money by making something yourself, especially when it turns out nicer than what you would have purchased new!


  1. Oh yes! Much nicer then the cupboard you had there!! Yay, now my coat will have a place to hang while I'm hanging out with you! ;) It looks lovely, the trim is a nice touch! And the pictures you took of it are nice too!!

  2. Lovely! You (collectively) did a great job!

  3. It works very well! We got to be your first guests to use it! Practical but beautiful!

  4. Wonderful! I have something up my sleeve too, but I'm not handy with tools, so I'll have to wait for male assistance...sigh.