Mar 31, 2013

Last Assignment

I made it! I participated in a 30 day photo challenge over the month of March  with my sister-in-law, mom, and good friend.  (Actually, I missed the first three days and have been incessantly pestered to catch up but lets just overlook that fact for now!)

Here's a sampling of some of my pictures:

My sister in law has asked us for one final assignment - to talk a little about this challenge and share our favourite (not necessarily best) photo.

So, my thoughts:

I am definitely an amateur and still have so much to learn but I've had a lot of fun!

I've been reminded that good shots come from taking notice of what is around us. Sometimes a great picture happens the first time, but often only after lots and lots of shots, plenty of practice. I've been challenged to be creative and think through different possibilities - high and low angles or different lighting or depths of field. It's all about perspective and looking at things differently can give surprising and beautiful results.

It's hard for me to pick a favourite, but I think overall it might be this one, chosen because  I love the mood and detail that black and white photography can bring out of a scene.

And maybe a runner up, although I'm not sure what I like about this photo so much. The cuteness of my sweet baby is a given, of course (!) but I think there's something else.. 

When I look at this picture I see the world from my little one's view - the security of his mama's arms and toys all over the floor and isn't his face so inquisitive and innocent? I look at this and I just want to live in the moment of where we're at - leave the dishes and whatever else and just get down on the floor and play, to enjoy my babe. 

 I don't know if that makes any sense, but I like what is captured here and I definitely wouldn't have went for a shot like this without the challenge pushing me along!

So thank you so much, Kaitlin, for finding this idea and inviting us to join you for the fun!!


  1. Might I point out you also missed the 29th :)

    1. I see its been posted now! But it soooo wasn't there before.

    2. haha nope, it wasn't there before, I'm sneaky :)

  2. You're welcome! Thank you for joining in - most of it! ;) (oh and I'm betting that is Rebecca commenting above me there! ;) lol!) I'm happy that you took away the idea to think and look at things a bit differently - a big part of most art comes down to how you see things. This was definitely a good challenge for encouraging that skill!

    1. Crazy Rebecca and her refusal to own her comment by providing a name ;)

  3. It's been fun and I'm glad that we got to share this month even with the miles between us. :)