Mar 7, 2013


Day seven of the 30 photo challenge:

I thought I would join Kaitlin and Kendra and keep with the citrus theme.  Besides, I had four oranges sitting in a bowl on my kitchen counter and I needed to eat one. Is there anything better than something ripe and citrusy when it's March and you are longing for sunshine and everything fresh? Delicious!

On a side note, my mother in law gave me the oranges the last time we went for a visit. She is one of the most generous people I know - I can't seem to visit without being sent home with all sorts of different groceries or clothes that she's picked up for baby. She would think nothing of giving you the last of her money for the month if you needed it.

Nothing to do with the photo challenge, but tomorrow I'm going to post a little project I've been working on! Which I need to go and complete now...


  1. Yes, Enza does seem like such a lovely woman!! I adore her smile! :D Oooooh - waiting in anticipation to see your project....!!!! :D

  2. I know your project I think. Can't wait to see it. You scored well in the mother-in-law department. Enza is very sweet. I love that green tea towel. I have one too from my mother-in-law which is also where you got yours I think.

  3. Yeah for citrus! We shouldn't get scurvy. :) I am enjoying this photo challenge so much.