Mar 14, 2013


Day fourteen of the 30 photo challenge:

If you would like to see a picture that rises to today's challenge, go to my sister-in-law's blog. Seriously, I think her entry for today is beautiful!

I thought all day about who's eyes I should try and capture, even considering a horse I saw along the roadside. (My excuse is that I didn't have time to stop on the way home, as I had hoped.)

As I sat down to do this post, I went through the pictures from my camera. I did take a few of my baby's eyes today but they didn't turn out very well. He's in bed now, and my husband is out...but wait, there was a picture of my mom that I captured while out at my sister-in-law's.

I didn't plan to use this picture, but when I opened it up and looked at it I thought, my mom truly has beautiful eyes. Doesn't she? I love the colour of blue and the laugh lines and the love I see there. I love that when she smiles it always includes her eyes - that slight squint and twinkle.

When I took this picture today she laughed and said, " I never take good pictures, I'm not very photogenic!"

I disagree, mom.


  1. I like how you mom's eyes smile too. :)

  2. It is a lovely picture of her Steph!! I'm glad you used it!! But I still think you should get one of those horse pictures - when the weather is nice (ie. snow is gone! :P ) bring out your baby carrier and well go a walking down the road to see those horses and get some photos!!

    Oh and, *blushing* thank you for your sweet comment/shout out here for my photos of Catherine! She was such a cutie about the whole thing - the trick was getting her to be still long enought to catch a few good shots! ;) lol!!