Mar 26, 2013


Day twenty-six of the 30 photo challenge:

I have a small collection of old hymnals, treasures from the past.

I love the old-book smell, the time-worn pages and the beauty of the words written within.
Truths sung by Christians generations ago, still ringing true down the corridors of time.

My heart is drawn into worship whenever I flip through these pages, sometimes singing the words to my
own made up melodies in a morning quiet time or by evening candlelight.

These old books on my shelf remind me of the importance of worship, of what a gift music is to hearts that
were made to praise their Creator.


  1. I think your love for old hymns comes from your Beppe. When we lived in Rockport, she and Pake would come and there was an old piano there. I would plunk out a melody for fun with one finger and she would sing some of the old hymns. You were a little girl and thought it was wonderful. She always loved the hymns.

  2. I love hymns too. Music allows my heart to worship in a way that prose never can. Sometimes when I'm listening to hymns or even instrumental music, I feel like I am going to burst or start flying or something. I should read through my small collection of hymnals more often.

    1. Burst or start flying - I love that! I feel the same way sometimes.

    2. I agree, music often makes me want to burst or fly!! I love it!! Music does wonders for the soul! :)