Mar 20, 2013


Day twenty of the 30 photo challenge:

Today was just that, a challenge. I hadn't heard the term bokeh before so had to look it up. I read that it is "a Japanese term for the subjective asthetic quality of out-of-focus areas of a photographic image". (Like this.) I did my homework on this one - large aperture, check. Short focal distance, check. I was inside by a bright window but I think the problem is I need more distance between my subject and the background. Also, the view out the window was snow so the light didn't have much to play off of. And of course, a lens more suited to this style of photography might have helped.

So as you can see, today's photo is a bokeh fail but I had fun learning a few things which I look forward to trying when the weather warms a little and I can get outside to practice.

 I'm really pleased with how this photo turned out regardless - not the result of editing but rather working with the settings on my camera.

The tulips were a surprise from my sweet husband since yesterday marked two years since our engagement!


  1. Yup! Best photo of yours yet!! Fantastic!!! :D I don't know if it's a complete fail...not the dotted background of many bokeh examples but an out of focused and interesting overall image - so I say it's a pass! ;) I love when photos just roll off the camera like this!! Shooting in manual mode is helping to save on some serious editing time!!

    Oh, (apparently I have a lot to say tonight...I need to go to bed! ;) ) BUT I like that you are using one of the other challenges in this picture, shooting from a high angle!! (not that you might have actually thought about it like that, but I thought it was neat) I'm going to miss this challenge A LOT when it's over!!! :(

  2. Aww thanks! Yes, I guess it does fall under the Bokeh category, although I initially thought an image had to have that dotty look to fit the description. Yep, used some high angle, it's neat what a different perspective can bring to a shot!

  3. I like your bouquet. What a sweet husband to bring a touch of spring to you. I'm still confused with bokeh. And I was very frustrated with my camera ... glad that challenge is over!

  4. Pretty! Tulips are my favorite, in fact I recently replanted some and one of the dogs happily ate it. :(