Feb 18, 2013

Three Months.

 (Or five days short of three months, but the post is done so I'm hitting publish!)

I'm realizing that if I don't write out all the little things about my baby I probably won't remember.

Of course, there are some things that must stay imprinted on a mommy's mind: the smell of sweet baby skin fresh from the bath (or even sour milk in those neck folds), the feel of this tiny warm body curled in my arms, fast asleep. The sound of first giggles and soft snores and squeals of delight and even an angry yell when nap time isn't wanted or a meal isn't coming fast enough. I don't think these things need to be written down to be remembered, do they older moms? I imagine they stay with us till old age - the feel and scent and sounds of our babies.

It's the other details that are blurred - when did he start smiling? Or grasp a toy, or sit up, or sleep through the night for the first time? I'm trying to keep accurate records in his baby book, just because I like these sorts of details, but I think it's nice that if some things are missed it's okay because they aren't really the important things, are they? And pictures - it's amazing when you think of it what technology gives us - we can record things forever with the click of a camera button that women in ages past could not.

So, a few of those unimportant but interesting-to-document details from our past month!

Personality. I'm his mommy, so I've always thought my little man has personality, but I've really seen it coming out over the last couple weeks. One of Joshua's aunts commented one day that "he's such a ham" and I think it's true - it's easy to get smiles and laughs and he makes the funniest expressions. I like to flatter myself by thinking it's my face he loves but then again, I often catch him lying on the floor in our living room giving great big grins to the ceiling fan...

Skills and fun. Continues to think that baths are the best thing ever. Drooling all. day. long. seems to be a favorite pastime...as is seeing exactly how much fist can fit in a mouth. Fingers can go too far back which brings up lunch, not so fun. An early tooth soon perhaps? He loves to be on the floor wiggling and stretching, cooing and squealing at us or the toys on his playmat. No turning over yet and dislikes tummy time but will do it for a bit with ample distractions. Has a new interest in board books this month and will actually look at all the pages until we've finished.

Sleep. Nighttime sleep is up and down - we had a few nights with 6-7 hour stretches and I was naive enough to think that would be the new norm...silly me. Most nights he'll go for about 3 hours and then be up for a feeding (taking his time)... he'll sleep another 2 or 3 hours and then want to eat again before usually being up for the day. I don't function the best on little or interrupted sleep and really miss my usual 8 hours. I am dreaming of the nights that will (hopefully?) return!  Naptimes, however, are an improvement. We decided to start putting him down for all naps in his bed upstairs and let him do some crying for a week or two...the long crying spells really didn't last long and he went from never falling asleep on his own for naps (or in his own bed) to just fussing on and off and falling asleep under 20 minutes. Sometimes it's only a couple minutes and he'll quiet right down and go to sleep. Of course, there have been a few off naps, but that pattern seems to be normal now.

smiles while watching me fold laundry.

Feeding. He continues to be a frequent eater - every two and a half or three hours at the most if he's awake and taking forty minutes to finish a feeding.  I  feel like breastfeeding is my full time job some days but it's worth it so I plan to persevere as long as he needs it. I am looking forward to introducing some solids in a few months though!

This past month also held a first when my husband and I left Joshua with my mom for half a day (a couple pumped bottles in the fridge) so we could go out for some shopping and dinner. Apart from missing him, we didn't worry at all and it was so nice to be out together alone!

These days I am thankful for Jesus and the grace He gives me. I love days with my sweet baby but there are moments...selfishness, annoyance, impatience. One minute I can be swooning with love for this little one and the next just wanting sleep and time to myself, to be able to complete projects or chores or have down time without interruption. The ugly comes out and then later I'm reminded of my Heavenly Father's patience and perfect love for me. Conviction. Parenting really does supply all kinds of new circumstances for growth.


  1. Awww, I love that last picture of him! Adorable!!!

    Glad to hear that naps are getting better - ah to have arms and some 'alone' time again eh!?! :)

  2. I love to read your ramblings about your boy. He is definitely settling in and becoming more adaptable. He is also becoming good at reading body language. I love the little lip quiver when he is heading in the direction of his bed.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Steph. I look forward to meeting Joshua in a couple months. :)

  4. He is such a cutie! And I know what you mean about it being easy to forget about the details - the blog makes it easy to keep a record sometimes! I like having my boy's monthly posts to look back on now that he's older, and now that we have a second baby (so I can compare!).

  5. So cute! Love reading about Joshua!

  6. What a cutie! I can empathize on the breastfeeding. Ours has always been a frequent AND slow eater (of course it could be the milk flow), which can seem like a tortuous combination, especially in the middle of the night! I have to admit, though...we tried solids a few times and I found all the washing and pureeing and laundering quite the chore...so we're back to mainly breastfeeding. :)

    1. Yes, I've thought it could be the milk flow...ah well. I do enjoy breastfeeding overall (healthy, cheap, nice cuddle time) but I agree, those middle of the night long feedings aren't that fun! Guess I should enjoy this exclusive breastfeeding time while it lasts though - sounds like every stage has it's negatives and positives :)

  7. Oh, and David is the opposite right now: hates bathtime for some reason but loves being on his stomach and always flips over right away, including during diaper changes.