Jan 19, 2013

Two Months.

Here we are already, with a two month old boy!

I loved Joshua from the start but these days I am surprised at how much more I love him. My heart squeezes every time I look at this kid.

Perhaps part of it is the fog clearing...getting a little more sleep and feeling more like myself. Our days are more predictable and I'm able to enjoy him in a different way - it's amazing how much easier things are when you're not completely exhausted and sore and trying to figure things out for the first time.

I can't wait until we can play more together, interact in new ways...but I don't want to rush things. I think this is a sweet stage because there is so much change coming. I look at his little face watching us, watching the world around him. Trying to figure things out. So much to learn and as parents, we get a front row seat to the process, a direct role in teaching and helping and loving. Parenthood is such a gift.

So, a few notes for future remembrance!

Nighttime sleep is still pretty unpredictable - we can usually count on 3-4 hours when he first goes down for the night but after he's up again for a feeding it all depends - he might sleep for another 3 or it might only be an hour and half before he's up. He did tease us with a five hour stretch a couple of nights but he's dropped that. My latest problem is that after being up and settling him again I often can't fall back to sleep for an hour or sometimes more. It's frustrating trying so hard to get back to sleep knowing he could wake up again any time! Looking forward to some longer stretches of sleep as he matures.

He doesn't like to nap easily - he won't settle by himself at all and these days the only thing that seems to work is letting him fall asleep in our arms (a long process) or swinging him in his car seat. We do have a swing but it doesn't work like the car seat does for him, crazy little man. I want to eventually try to get him on a schedule but I feel like he's not quite ready - I'm not against a little crying it out but at this point I think he's a bit young. We did try to let him cry and settle on his own a few times but he just doesn't tire and I'm not comfortable letting him cry for long stretches of time. I know the methods we're using are probably setting us up for a hard time in the future but I'm hoping it will be a bit easier to get him on a schedule when he's closer to three months? Just a thought.

Playtime: he smiles easily (as long as he's in a good mood!) and loves bright pictures in his books and toys that we can shake and make noise for him. He can be quite vocal but no real giggles yet. Can't wait for those. I'm trying to be good about making sure he gets a little tummy time every day but as any parent knows, that can be a challenge. I'm thinking it will be more enjoyable for him as he gets stronger and can lean on his arms or keep his head up more easily.

And this guy continues to be a frequent nurser - if he's up then he usually wants to eat every two, two and a half hours or three at the maximum. So it often feels like the majority of my day is spent breast feeding but he obviously needs it. At his last appointment he was ten pounds, nine ounces which was up two pounds since birth but he's dropped on the charts quite a bit so we want to keep him gaining!

I think that sums up where we're at these days.


  1. Time is going so fast! You are definitely learning about motherhood the advanced way. He is giving you the indepth course, not the easy route but that only endears him more. And it makes his amazing smiles that much sweeter!

  2. Motherhood is certainly a challenge, but it has its rewards too. I can't get over how each little one has his or hers own little personality......enjoy these days,and I hope you get a good nights sleep soon...Aunt Yvonne

  3. What a great two months it has been!

    I have learned a few things myself. How strong, patient and loving you are. You are such a great mom!

    And Joshua is such a cute little man :) God has really blessed us greatly!

  4. So lovely - and good thinking to write it all down for future reference! You've heard me say enough, "I can't exactly remember..." lol! OH the learning curves of having a baby! ;) God HAS blessed you, so true! There is nothing like having a child to open your eyes to the Lord in a whole new way!!

  5. It's neat to see you enjoying him. You take great photos of him too, I'm sure they'll be treasured when he's older.

  6. Hi Stephanie! I just did a “future remembrance” post, too. I’m already forgetting the early days, but at least I can offer the 6-month perspective.

    Lack of predictability: This is one of the things that has most threatened my emotional/mental health, as a mother! I am slowly learning how to let go of plans and realize that no amount of planning will guarantee that I’ll be able to accomplish everything I had hoped for that day. I’ve learned to have my husband or someone on call in case I really have my heart set on doing something and the baby won’t nap as expected. Otherwise, I sometimes have to just abandon everything and give the baby some extra cuddles!

    I think you become more aware of your love because you can give examples. In the beginning, you just love because he’s your child, and now you can love those smiles and cute expressions and noises. I’m practically falling in love just looking at your little one’s picture!

    Nighttime sleep-I think this is where the lack of predictability is hard. I feel like it wasn’t really that hard to function on so little sleep, but it was hard not knowing each night how things would go. There was always that glimpse of hope and then it would turn into disappointment. If he’s just waking up for feedings then just know he won’t ALWAYS have to eat every 1 or 2 hours. David started sleeping longer on his own, and right now he falls asleep between 12 and 2 am and wakes up between 9 and 10. So we have a nice long stretch, but in the evening there are still lots and lots of false starts. Still, it’s much better than in the beginning when we would put him down and then by the time we had brushed our teeth he was already awake for the next feeding, arrgh!

    Naps- we still haven’t done any sleep training. In the beginning at least I found that the methods in the books contradicted what I had been told about successful breastfeeding. I can only get him to sleep by nursing and my husband has a few rocking methods. Oh, he sleeps VERY well in his stroller. But that still doesn’t help him learn to fall asleep in his bed. So we are still pretty inexperienced with this.

    Frequent nursings- I think this is more common than you think even though some books or doctors will tell you 3-4 hours. My problem in the beginning was that feedings were every 2 hours and would last 1 hour each time, so exhausting! I didn’t want to go near him because he would ALWAYS be hungry! Now I know at least he is CAPABLE of going longer, so I can make him wait a little. He also eats faster, even if it is still fairly often.

    As for tummy time, it does become more of a favorite position. I usually put David on his back and he turns right over so he can get started exploring!

    1. Thanks Elizabeth, I enjoy hearing about your experiences with your little guy!

  7. He's so cute! He sounds alot like Gwen. If she's awake she thinks she should eat every two hours too (alot more frequently than my son ate at that age), and while she will go to sleep by herself, it happens alot faster and easier when we're holding her. She's a snuggler. :-)

  8. Riley STILL sleeps in my arms. Sometimes I can sneak out - especially once he gets too hot and starts to sweat and you know what? It's taken me a long time to be okay with it and think "oh he should be sleeping alone!" but he may not be ready just yet. It's all about what "feels," right. Don't go by what others are doing or what you think you should be doing. Just feel it out. Eventually, it'll settle oh and it may be teething related since he's now just had his EIGHTH come through at 9 months.

    1. I agree Jessica, you have to do what you think is best for your child regardless of what others may think! My sister in law gave me good advice - if you're okay with your baby napping in your arms all the time, then great! But if you want him to sleep in his bed so you can have time for other things during those naps, then make a plan for that to happen. I decided on the latter as Joshua was closer to three months and am happy with that decision - it was difficult at first but it's getting easier and working quite well. I need to do a three month update!