Dec 21, 2012

One month.

My baby is one month old today.

He was up more times then he needed to be last night and this morning he woke me up by doing possibly the biggest poop explosion of his life. The right-up-the-back-of-the-diaper kind, and then again a half hour later after getting cleaned up. Is this how babies decide to celebrate turning one month old? Mine at least.

There is a big snowstorm blowing in today so our house feels cozy and wintery and we enjoyed our morning in pajamas looking out the window, Joshua and I.

It's true what they say....the time with our little one has flown by so quickly and yet I wonder how we didn't always have him with us.

Some things I've loved about this last month with our boy 

The smell of new baby skin.
Holding him asleep in my arms.
First smiles.
Watching him grunt and squeak and stretch himself awake.
The feel of his little cold hands against me in the dark when I nurse him at night.
The feeling of growing love for this new little person.
Dreaming of all the things we will do together as he grows and develops.
Making up silly songs.
Hello poseable baby: making him do dance moves. (Loris and I get too much enjoyment from this I think)
Staring at him. again. and again. and again. Could I love this face any more?
Bath time.
And watching my husband as a daddy and falling in love with him in new ways!

I was also going to make a list of things I haven't loved about this last month but lets not go there because do you really need to hear about where I am sore or how crazy I can be on little sleep at times?

So thankful that God has given us Joshua!


  1. :) Merry Christmas to your family!

  2. I knew you would enjoy him that much. Something you have to experience, can't be put into words.

  3. Sometimes you need to vent and that's what a blog is for! :) Yay for 1 month. We just celebrated month 8 and I'm like, whaaaaat? The next 3-4 months are going to be explosive for growth and I've felt another tooth coming!