Nov 22, 2012

We're ready for you, little one.

So it looks like baby will not be joining us on his expected due date after all. I have to say I'm not surprised but this is a milestone still - the date that's been bouncing around in my head since we first found out the exciting news and did the calculations and could not believe that we were really going to be parents!

It's all gone by so fast...morning sickness, hearing that heartbeat for the very first time, choosing names, feeling movement, seeing our baby on the ultrasound and finding out the gender, marveling over updates on size and formation, pondering this little one that God gave us and our calling to be his parents...

And now any day we'll be holding him in our arms for the first time. Almost unbelievable.

I'm alternating between complete thankfulness and excitement and sudden rushes of anxiety (or terror, but anxiety sounds nicer).  So yes, the actual birth is on my mind quite a bit - I am not one for new experiences when I don't know at all what to expect. (Can reading and watching videos really prepare you?)

And then there's this other very curious part of me that is looking forward to the experience.

I'm just crazy these days.


  1. Aaaaa! Your counter has no more counting left....any day now....!!! Still praying for everything! ♥ See you for supper tomorrow - unless baby decides you have other plans! ;)

    Oh and the crazy bit - well that's just the way it will be from now on! Kids will do that to you! ;) lol!

  2. Steph, You have been in my thoughts and prayers all week. So excited to hear the news when Baby shows up! :)

  3. You'll do great! I just kept thinking, "it eventually will end," once I started having a rough time that is. Can't wait to see an announcement. I keep checking daily.

  4. I like that he came soon after you wrote this post. :) Thinking of you as you get "settled."