Nov 7, 2012

Ready for baby and a completed project

A couple of weekends ago my sister-in-law hosted a baby shower for me and wrote about it on her blog. You can see her talent and creativity in the pictures there!

I'm relieved to finally be caught up in preparations for our baby's arrival - the nursery is almost finished (although he'll be in our room for a bit) and we have all the essentials prepared.  And just yesterday I finished picking up the supplies we'll need for our planned midwife-assisted home birth.  I won't go into all the reasons that led to our decision to have baby at home but I will say that I'm not against hospital births and although my preference is to be at home, I won't be devastated if circumstances lead us to the hospital in the end. With only fifteen days to go till my due date, and a baby that is suspected to be a pretty big guy, birth is very much on my mind lately. I keep returning to Isaiah 26:3. 

I've been able to complete some projects as well - the desk I wrote about is finally finished and settled in our living room. The total cost including paint, stain, and new hardware was under $50 so I am pretty happy with that! A desk is one of my favourite pieces of furniture - a place to sit and study or read, to do art projects or writing with a mug of something hot at hand.

Well I am off to try and catch up on this day - I have way too many dishes to wash and a mousetrap to empty (I hate this chore) and some groceries to pick up since my sister and her boyfriend are coming for dinner. This is brand new for her and I couldn't be more happy at what God is doing in her life!


  1. I just drooled looking at the baby shower pictures. And I LOVE the desk!

    Message me if you have any post-partum questions, it's still fairly fresh in my mind.

    And don't worry about the size of the baby. Really.


  2. Fabulous desk!

    Listen to your body and trust in it. Don't worry about what others think. :)

    Can't wait. So excited for you!


  3. I love this desk. It looks even better in real person....whatever. When I was at your house. We are all excitedly waiting for your little man to arrive.

  4. Oh by the way check out it has been amazing for me! Short devotionals and so encouraged ; I feel energized ! Ty for your comment. He's a trooper! Doing fantastic.

    1. Thanks Jessica, I'll check out that site.