Oct 6, 2012

Thirty-Three Weeks

Dear little one,

I wonder how the days of this pregnancy have passed so slowly and yet swiftly, all at once.

Hot days of summer behind us, going for walks through the city and to community parks with the individuals I've worked with at the group home. They have disabilities and I've thought - sitting on the bench and watching them swing in the sunlight - about how they too were formed in their mothers wombs, tucked safely away and under the loving care of their Father that made them. I felt your movements within me and you helped me to see more vividly that each life is a miracle, each individual is stamped with God's image in so many intricate and beautiful ways.

Summer was busy because we were staying in the city with your daddy's mom so we could both be close to work. We tried to go home as much as we could, getting the house we bought ready a little at a time - renovations and unpacking.

The summer felt endless some days but here we are - I finished work in September and we've been settling in, making this house our home and waiting for you.

We've collected furniture for your room and some nights I go up and switch on the lamp and sit in the yellow glow in the rocker we found for you (for free!). I sit there and watch my stomach move as you kick and turn and my arms almost ache with longing to hold you close and breathe in your baby smell and kiss your face.

I thank God that He gave you to us, and I am overwhelmed with thinking about what is to come - all we hope for you, and hope to be for you.

We love you already.


  1. So beautiful! Only 47 days to go! Woohoo- wow how times flies. I'm sure time has moved a little slower for you. Praying sweet blessing on you and your precious family!

  2. Look at your tiny bump and so far along! Not much longer now you'll be holding that sweet baby in your arms. Honestly it changes your life, in a way you can't explain until you've become a parent. Suddenly you're preoccupied with the baby in every single way.

  3. Thank you Jennifer!

    Jessica, baby is measuring normal so I guess I just hide him well! I'm expecting big changes but I'm sure you can't fully prepare or know what it's like until it happens...can't wait :)