Oct 30, 2012

First I am Christ's

With the days ahead and my upcoming role as our little boy's mommy on my mind, this article expresses well a truth I want to be mindful of: we are His before being theirs.

A few quotes, although I'd suggest the whole post: 

"The calling of motherhood, although highly important, does not define your value. The Maker of the Universe put you together to be in a relationship with Him, growing in knowledge and understanding of the Word, first and foremost, so that you can be an overflow of His love and truth to others, especially your family.
 Before you can teach your children how to become disciples of Christ, you first need to be a disciple of Christ.

Before you can teach them how to pray, you need to be active in prayer.

Before you can give them the Word applied, you need to be living the Word applied.

Before you an lead your children in acts of service, you need to be serving actively."

When I think about the responsibility before us, I'm so aware of my weakness and need of Christ. I need His strength and wisdom. We cannot do this on our own.

 It's not really the sleep deprivation or laundry or feeding and constant care that I see as the challenge (although I'm sure these things will be challenging at times) - it's the thought that we are being given a little soul to train up in godliness. To discipline, and love, to teach about who God is and how we are to live for Him in this world. We are the ones given the primary responsibility to shape this small person's life. Amazing, and terrifying, all at once!

But it really comes back to this idea that it must begin with me being a disciple of Christ. I am the Lord's, and as I seek to follow Him - in my thoughts and actions, in each opportunity for obedience or worship - I hope to be an example to our boy.


  1. I KNOW - it's a crazy amazing responsibility! I like the quotes you put there - I'll have to check out the article...when I have time! ;) lol! And though, yes we have much to live out and train them (our littles) up in - you will be amazed (and daily I might add!) at all they will 'train up' in you! ;)

    Praying for you in the weeks/days ahead! :)

  2. Big adventure you are entering, lots of joys, lots of struggles. And putting the first thing first makes all the difference. Love and blessings.

  3. I don't think I caught that you were having a boy. Yay! I'm feeling very convicted by your post. I need to go looking for that first love again!