Oct 17, 2012

Counting down the days

Fall is passing much too quickly for my liking - this is my favourite season and I wish I could have months and months of crisp air and this beautiful Canadian landscape, rich with colour.   

I haven't even been out hiking yet. The last two years I've went hiking in the Gatineau mountains in Quebec - the first year with a group of friends, including one whom I barely knew at that point but would be my husband of a couple months by the time the next year's hike happened!  This year, though, I thought it might not be the most do-able trek with this baby in me to carry along (thank you mom, for convincing me of this). So I have to be content with the views around here.

This afternoon I got out into our shed and did some work on this beast of a desk. Since our current cheap desk almost met it's last moments during the move this summer and is just barely hanging on, I've been looking for a used one to replace it. And then one day the desk you see here called my name from a kijiji ad. It was in horrible condition but at a mere $10, how could I resist? It's been sitting in our shed for a month and I am just now getting to it.

I absolutely love the process of finding something for next to nothing that looks like junk and then turning it into something beautiful for our home. Especially old items like this - from research, I'm guessing it's a teacher's desk from the 1950's or so. It has a history and I think it will add so much more character to a room then just going out and buying something brand new. It's coming along beautifully and I will show the results soon!

And what is fall without baking? I made these muffins (recipe here) and can report that they are delicious. The changes  I made were to add frozen blueberries, replace the veggie oil with coconut oil, and use half whole wheat flour instead of all white. Yay for a healthy on the go breakfast for hubby or a nice snack for me!

I'm really feeling the countdown until baby...trying to finish up all sorts of projects and get our house organized. I know some things can wait (and will have to) but I want to be able to just sit and hold our newborn without looking around and noticing things I never finished. So I'm trying to heed my sister-in-law's advice, which is to be productive while I can so later I can do nothing but enjoy the baby!


  1. Finally! It's true, some projects will have to wait until later, much later...but they'll wait. A plus side is that when you're no longer pregnant it won't be so risky to climb on ladders and lift boxes and such. You won't have to worry about bumping your belly on something. Maybe you'll be able to make the hike with the baby in a carrier next fall.

  2. Awww - you DO listen! ;) haha! Glad you liked my advice! Your little man will be here sooo soon! Such an exciting adventre a head! What a blessing! And what a life changing experience! ♥

    I can't wait to see the finished desk! :D And Elizabeth is right - after you have less to worry about, in terms of 'safety' but then you have no time to do it all! ;) lol!

  3. I enjoy getting a peek into your lives from time to time. How exciting to be expecting your baby so soon now!

    Thank you for your prayers about my upcoming big changes. I am praying for you today, too!

  4. LOVE the desk! Enjoy your time and get as much as possible done. No time once little one arrives!

  5. ...and now you have had your hike too, although not the vigorous one you usually go on. Post some more of these beautiful pictures! Can't wait for baby to arrive. Also it will be great fun watching all the little cousins playing together soon.

  6. Sooo... I didn't go and change your blog link on my reader and haven't been following you in awhile! So fun to visit with you again in person. Looking forward to the news about your little one soon. :) K