Jun 18, 2012

Home and pregnancy update

The last few weeks have really flown by....we got our house on June 1st but have been staying with my husband's mother in Ottawa where we're both working right now.

Back porch on our home, with lots to clean up!

 It's a pain to not be settled anywhere, but a blessing to have somewhere in the city that we can stay. Loris is still in training with his job and our schedules aren't conducive to commuting with only one car. And the gas adds up, so we've been able to save a bit by not having to drive back and forth each day. And our house is currently in chaos mode anyway- my dad has been nice enough to be hard at work at some renovation projects, with Loris helping when he can be off work. Dusty, messy dry wall work which seems to leave everything in the house covered in that awful white grime, even with attempts to tarp off sections. But we are looking forward to when this will all be done, and I can eventually go on maternity leave so Loris can commute each day (until he finds work locally). I am just itching to get this house in shape, dig around in the gardens, to really make it home....

Patience is something I struggle with lately.

And in other news, today I am 17 weeks, 4 days pregnant! We haven't taken a belly shot yet so despite a bad cold and lack of sleep lately, I posed for the record. Some days I think I look pregnant and some days I think I just look like I had a really big lunch. But I hear in time I will wish I looked smaller, so I should enjoy these comfortable months.

My midwife is sending me in for an ultrasound sometime between 20-22 weeks, and we've decided to find out the gender after all. We originally wanted to be surprised but I feel so strongly that it's a boy that we decided to find out so we can get out of that mindset if it isn't the case!

Our backyard, looking towards the shed and house. Lots of plans for this space!

 I don't have regular access to a computer so blogging might be a bit sparse over the next little while, but I'll check in with little updates at least. And of course, more pictures of our place as it becomes less scary!


  1. I love your new place! And you look beautiful with your little bump! Hope things settle down for you guys soon. I know that would be a big relief.

  2. Awww bump photo!!! :D It's fun to see the changes as they happen! At least for the first one! ;) lol! I can't wait until you are more settled here too!!! :D And it will be so nice to have all that drywall work done!!!! It does makes such a mess eh!?! Oooh can't wait to see if it IS a boy or not - I'm with you though, keep thinking boy...but as I was mowing today I thought...what if it is a girl...?! Though I TOTALLY know you guys are happy no matter what!! It would just be weird because I'm set on you having a boy too! Ooooh, can't wait....

    ....apparently patience is somthing I struggle with as well! ;) hahah! ♥

  3. The house looks so nice! And you definitely look pregnant - your bump is so cute!

  4. Enjoy exposing the bump! It's the only time you ( or at least it was for me) to be comfortable showing off that "problem spot". Lol. I was happy it wasn't just a muffin top! Congratulations again. We've celebrated 12 weeks today and officially 3 months next Saturday!

    Wow, I'm a little jealous of the cottage-esqueness ( a word?) of your home! Precious. You could get a lot of ideas from Pinterest likely.