May 29, 2012

Thoughts among the final boxes...

Thursday is moving day...or rather, the day we have to be out of our apartment, drive the moving truck to my parents place to park it overnight so the next day when we officially get the keys to our house we can move in!

The prospect of setting up house in a house thrills me - all the creative opportunities that await. Renovation projects and arranging rooms and making a place of peace and beauty in a world that often lacks those qualities. Looking forward to having family or friends in, making new memories.

We'll have so much more space, which I'm happy about (especially come November). But living in this little apartment for a year has taught me contentment in ways I'm grateful for. We really don't need a lot for happiness. Even the effort of cutting down on expenses and having to keep a careful budget hasn't really been a bother because we have each other, and simple pleasures. A cup of coffee in the morning out on the balcony or a shelf full of books or a candle burning warmly on the table...all little things that thrill me more than stuff that costs a lot of money.

Even with this increase in our earthly possessions, I want my heart's greatest joy and focus to be Jesus and the people He has placed in my life. Living for the things that truly matter, and will count for eternity.

Just something I am pondering as I've been surrounded today by mazes of boxes, packing up and almost ready to move on....

Hoping to update again sometime next week after we are somewhat settled in!


  1. Eeek. Excited to have you tomorrow! This went so fast. Love you guys.

  2. Oh the adventure continues...and YAY pregnancy counter!!! 15 weeks today eh?!?! Love it!!! Of course one of the greatest little things to look forward to is LIVING CLOSER TO ME! ;) hahah! ♥

  3. I love the simple pleasures too. And love knowing Jesus! I remember reading on a designer's website or blog once how they wished that they knew the secret of contentment. We know Him - and He is the reason for lasting contentment. Happy move-in day tomorrow!

  4. Its so exciting. After Riley's born I felt so domestic! I want to clean everything and make everything. Are you on Pinterest? I find so many cool homey things to make and do. Frugal things too. Congratulations again.