Feb 21, 2012

With Patience

I have a 1925 edition of the classic devotional compilation Streams in the Desert, by Mrs. Charles E. Cowman. It's been on our bookshelf, hiding away for months, but the other day I had some extra time to read, and a heart that was needy for encouragement, so I pulled it out.

I had been thinking about the growing number of needs and troubles that have filled my prayers the past while, fighting back a growing weight of doubt and cynicism. Tired and not feeling very spiritual, but knowing enough to draw near, despite. The words I found in this entry were a gentle rebuke from the Lord, because why do I so easily get discouraged at times? I am reminded to persevere, and to wait, because He's in the waiting:

"Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him." (Psalm 37:7)

"Have you prayed and prayed and waited and waited, and still there is no manifestation?
Are you tired of seeing nothing move? Are you just at the point of giving it all up? Perhaps you have not waited in the right way? This would take you out of the right place - the place where He can meet you.
With patience wait (Rom. 8:25). Patience takes away worry. He said He would come, and His promise is equal to His presence. Patience takes away your weeping. Why feel sad and despondent? He knows your need better than you do, and His purpose in waiting is to bring more glory out of it all...Patience takes away all want. Your desire for the thing you wish is perhaps stronger than your desire for the will of God to be fulfilled in its arrival. Patience takes away all weakening. Instead of having the delaying time, a time of letting go, know that God is getting a larger supply ready and must get you ready too. Patience takes away all wobbling...God's foundations are steady; and when His patience is within, we are steady while we wait. Patience gives worship. A praiseful patience (long-suffering with joyfulness, Col. 1:11) sometimes is the best part of it all.Let (all these phases of) patience have her perfect work (James 1:4) while you wait, and you will find great enrichment. " - C.H.P.


  1. Patience is something I continually struggle with. Thank you for this post.
    I need to get a copy of that devotional book! If this entry is any indication, it's a must-have!