Jan 7, 2012

A new year update

The end of last year slipped by at a dizzying pace. Suddenly having a job meant my weeks took on more structure, and any spare time has often been filled with things other than what I really love to do - spending time reading, writing in a journal and on this blog.

I've realized afresh that I need to process life through writing - it helps me slow down and consider, not just live live live without thinking about what I'm doing (or should be) and why, if that makes sense. So I hope to make these two important practices a more frequent thing in my life this year, especially spending time in the Word and processing what I'm reading.

Maybe I'll share another time what I've been doing about that, but I'll just say for now that my plan to read through the Bible is moving very slowly, but surely. I'm enjoying not having a structured plan, just plodding forward in uneven amounts.


So with November's good news of me finally finding a steady job (Yes! Time to start saving for a house, and being able to loosen up a bit on the budget!...), December brought some contrasting events.

First, Loris was layed off from his job. This came as a disappointing surprise. He hasn't found work yet but we are
thankful for the way that God has been providing for us and for His kindness in leading me to a job before the layoff. Still, I hate to see my hard-working husband having to go through this wait time and applying for job after job when he just wants to be working so badly. God knows though.

And secondly, we found out that Loris has a very high cholesterol level, to the point where the doctor said he needs to cut out fat almost entirely from his diet. Loris' dad had two heart attacks before he was forty, so this is largely a hereditary thing, as our diets really are pretty healthy.
So for the past month I've been experimenting with food and trying out lots of low fat and vegetarian recipes, with surprisingly delicious results. I may have to share some recipes! (And incidentally, how much more fun is cooking when you are wearing a polka-dot apron!)

The other half of Loris' health news is that
electrocardiogram results (the doctor prescribed this test due to some strange symptoms) earned him an appointment with a heart specialist, which we have to wait a couple months for. We really don't know what news lies ahead, but are just trying to trust God.

Trust, a lesson I am learning through these and other circumstances in our lives right now... I think about this new year and all that we are looking to God in hope for. Of all the beautiful things that might lie ahead, but perhaps trials too, and times of waiting. In all of this, I'm grateful to be His child, to have the precious security of being loved by the Creator of the universe and secure in Him, always.


  1. I'm sorry about Loris' layoff (though, like you said, God is gracious that you found a job just before he lost his!) and the health concerns. But it is always encouraging to see you pursuing a godly perspective. I've been thinking about how suffering should not be seen as abnormal, but as part of the path of the Christian. How we respond makes all the difference! Praying for you tonight, that Jesus will encourage your heart and bless and provide for you both!

  2. Finally! Good for you! I love to see you share your heart *here* as well as else where. I know you are making a big impact on the kids you are working with. Praying for you two always, Mom

  3. Wow, it looks like the end of the year was a full one for you guys. I'm so sorry to hear about your struggles. Praying for you! I know you are making an impact in your job. Now, you need to be filled up. Praying just that for you! Love you!

  4. I have come to these same conclusions, about structure being a mixed blessing, and missing blogging even if it's for good reasons.

    May God help you be the help-meet your husband needs as you face these new challenges together!