Jan 26, 2012


This is the view outside our living room window on a late January afternoon, sun glinting off ice crusted trees. Birds (that you can't see) picking at seeds on the balcony, and I wish the sun would last longer because it's so bright and beautiful. Loris thinks I'm a little crazy but lately I think I've felt spring in the air... not close but edging closer.

Some evenings the sunsets are stunning and it is the coziest feeling to look out and see cars bumper to bumper in rush hour traffic, a contrast to the peace in our little apartment, music playing and just chatting together while I cook dinner.

I've always enjoyed cooking, but since getting married (and moving from home) I've discovered a true love for it - trying new foods, being creative, the calming rhythms of chopping and stirring and throwing ingredients into a pan. Art on a plate.

On the afternoons I'm not at work we are often at home - catching up on cleaning and projects and reading, and Loris (in-between searching for work) might watch a soccer game, itching for warm weather so he can kick a ball around again.

I love our home - a refuge in this busy city, our first place together. A tiny apartment, not the nicest building, but with a little work and creativity, a place that is lovely, that's ours.

And hard to believe it, but we've been here for six months, married for six months!

A couple evenings ago we went downtown to celebrate and had dinner at a little Portuguese-Italian restaurant at a cozy table by a window. Laughed and talked so much that we had to catch a later-than-planned movie afterwards because we were there so long!

Loris used to say when we were dating, "We could have fun watching paint dry as long as we're together." And happily, I think it's still true (you know, now that we're old married folk).

It is true that marriage takes work, and reveals many weaknesses and sins, and arguments happen. But most of the time, I've been overwhelmed in how good it is, how beautiful to be married to someone who is my best friend.


  1. This is a lovely post, Stephanie. Congrats on your 6 months anniversary and pray that Loris finds a new job soon. Sent you an e-mail, hope you got it.


  2. So sweet! The view from your apartment is so pretty; the food looks yummy; and who doesnt' love soccer! (watching at least. Playing is disasterous for me) Would you believe it's actually in the sixties here? In January! We have crazy weather here.

    I love little peaks into your life.

    Hope you are having a beautiful day!

  3. Yeah those sunsets are lovely, nice to have in the big city! Ah, cooking IS fantastic, isn't it?!?! I love chopping and combining and the creativity...it's why when people ask to help me in the kitchen, I'm always like..."No, that's okay...unless you want to do the dishes!" Hahah! ;) Happy 6 months!

  4. Oh Stephanie, these 6 months have been great (some of the best of my life!), better than I could have ever imagined! Thank you for being who you are, and for marrying me! ;)