Nov 19, 2011

We live the given life.

After several months of trying to start up my own business again without much success, searching and applying for jobs without any call-backs, trying to discover what it was that God wanted me to do in this season, waiting and praying...applying for more jobs, waiting....

Finally, suddenly, I have a job that is beyond what I asked for, and that I am completely excited about! I'll be working for a Christian organization in a group home for children and teens with developmental disabilities. The schedule is not what I had hoped for, but Loris and I both feel a peace about it and will just make the necessary adjustments.

A quote I saw on a friend's facebook wall the other day rings true:
"We live the given life, and not the planned" - Wendell Berry
I'm reminded that I am not the author of my life, God is. And when He brings something along that is different than what I would have planned, I know it is the better thing.

Sometimes it's the tension of knowing that without seeing it, but sometimes I think He likes to bless us with something so obviously good and beyond what we were asking. To remind of us - just a little bit - of how much He really is capable of.

And for that, I am so grateful.


  1. What a really awesome reminder! God is so good! I am happy for you! It is so neat to see the Lord work!!! :)

  2. Just checking in. I made a bunch of updates on the blog if you're interested! :) Hope you are doing well.


  3. Thanks Jessica! I tried to comment on one of your posts but it looks like your new blog design is causing a problem with the comment box - the word verification section is partially cut off and you can't scroll down, if that makes sense?