Nov 10, 2011

Starting at the beginning.

his week a package came for me in the mail - my new ESV Reference Bible. I've read the New American Standard version since childhood but over the last year have been thinking of switching to the ESV, at least for a season. I appreciate that, along with the careful translation from the original languages, this version is also very readable - many sentences flow much nicer than in my NAS Bible.

Lately, I've been very aware that I need the Word. I've felt distracted and slightly overwhelmed by information (internet, articles, books, etc) - ideas, discussions, questions, thoughts...and I came to the conclusion that I need to be spending more time in Scripture.

Not reading or hearing about the Word so much, but reading it directly. Just me over an open Bible, spending time with the Lord and asking for understanding. I don't want to just know facts about God, I want to know Him intimately.

So one of my goals right now is to read through the Bible. (Not in a specified amount of time - just starting at the beginning and moving my way through) Partly to familiarize myself with this new translation, but mostly to spend more time in what I truly need, and less time with other things that steal my attention but are not necessary.


  1. Amen, Amen, AMEN!!!! :)

    I really like the ESV, it reads so nicely!!!! What cover did you pick? Why no picture of that, huh?!?!?! I NEED pictures!! ;) hahaha!

    PS> I LOVE, love the new look!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice that we're on the same page Kaitlin :) And maybe even literally so, since I now have the very same Bible as you!

    Glad you like the new blog look - I've been wanting something fresh for a while and thought a picture I took out on the bike trail the other day would make a nice header.

  3. More time in the Word...always a good idea! I am sure you will be blessed as you pursue this.

    I agree that there is information overload, and it was interesting recently when one of my coworkers was quite shocked to find out that I don't watch TV. But I often realize that my life is so much better, even in an earthly sense, than the lives of people around me, because I live by basic wisdom principles from the Word! And the Lord has so much more for us than just those principles. So, may you revel in Him!

    Let us know if you get the job! :)