Oct 26, 2011

Milestone, job update, and home ideals

The 23rd of this month marked three months of marriage for us...and like any other newly-married couple, we can hardly believe it! It's gone by so fast, and at the same time it feels like we've been together for much longer. Marriage has been very good, has been an adjustment in some ways, and has taught me some lessons. Or at least, has pointed at some things that I need to learn that are still in process!

I worked a full (paid) morning today, which is a first for me since finishing up work before our wedding. I'm still trying to pick up clients here in Ottawa, which is slow going but I'm okay with that. For now, even this small bit of work is helping to pay bills, so I'm thankful.

I also submitted another resume this week, this time to a job that I would really like, and that would work well with our schedule, which would be nice because I don't want to be away in the evenings - I love being able to prepare dinner and meet my husband when he comes home from work and spend most evenings together.

I'm waiting to hear back. And trying to trust while I wait.

(Photo - marigolds still blooming brightly in our balcony box)

This one particular job this morning (cleaning a house) reminded me why I value simplicity in a home. Creativity and making a place that is beautiful and functional are important to me, and that means keeping clutter and excess possessions to a minimum.
My ideals for our future home (that includes children) are high, and I realize that I'll have to face the reality of messes and toys and clutter someday, but it's really our goal not to live an excessive lifestyle - filling up our closets and corners with clothes and toys and supplies and games and other possessions that we really don't need or use. (I am not against these things, just in excess amounts)
It's not very difficult now - our apartment is small and we're on a necessary budget which keeps me from buying or collecting extras. Still, this could become more of a temptation in the future... 
So I'm seeing this season as training ground for the rest of our lives - practicing contentment by living a simple lifestyle that's not defined by possessions.


  1. I like your home ideals! I am convinced that it is very important to set goals, standards, and targets and to have the discipline to see them through (as long as God is in our goals). Otherwise, life just happens to people, and they wake up 20 years later wondering where things went wrong! Keep thinking things through and living intentionally!

  2. So true, we are constantly learning to live with less, to not become emotional invested in things (sentimentality is a hard one for me to over come, it's innocent enough...but can become so much more!....especailly once you have kids, and they out grow the toys and the little shoes and and......) *sigh* see innocent enough! But learning the great big difference between needs and wants - it's never ending!

    But living with less is truly FREEING!!!! It's such a blessing and makes life much more enjoyable - hard to belive sometimes, but it's the truth!

    Amen to your last sentence and I'll keep praying that for you as well as myself! :)

  3. Thanks Julie, I agree - goals are so important because life really is short...now if we can just be disciplined enough to see at least some of them through!

    Kaitlin, I am with you on the emotional attachment to certain things, although I don't struggle with that as much as some...I aaalmost kept my wedding bouquet, but then decided I didn't want to carry it around in a dusty box for the next fifty years. I do understand about keeping some things though. One idea I read that I think is great is just taking pictures of some of the sentimental things we want to keep for the memory but don't really need to have the physical memento. Saves a lot of space!

  4. You know I like order as well but my husband isn't as neat as I am or at lest as much as I try to be. So I think that will help with the future baby growing inside! Secondly, I think we can just teach them to clean up their messes! Lol, easier said than done right?

    The more you practice these things now the easier it gets. I've been married nearly 5 years and we've been together nearly 8 ( wow time flies!) and for us it's the same - like we've always been together.